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#Horoscope: What Do The Stars Have In Store For You This Week?!

#Horoscope: What Do The Stars Have In Store For You This Week?!

Can you believe that we’re already in the third week of October?! So much has happened in the previous week, and no matter how situations have worked for you, there’s always scope for change. Time to make the best of what you have this week, ladies! If you’re curious to know what this eventful week has in store for you, read on to find out. Go get ’em, girlfriend!


Good to see that you’re finally getting work done, Aries. Keep that spirit going! During this week, you will understand your true potential and will start pouring your energy into things you’re most comfortable with. Keep your boss happy, and your happiness will be guaranteed in return. Also, try to balance between your friends and your partner. Since they are all important in your life, you must give them equal quality time. october weekly horoscope


A promotion is on the verge of happening any moment now. Have faith and believe in your work. Your goal for this week is to listen carefully to what your conscience says. Not everyone will want you to take that promotion and many people will say things to disrupt your focus. Don’t give in. You are strong and fiercely independent. Give it your best shot! october weekly horoscope


You reap what you sow, Gemini. This could be with reference to your love or work life. Don’t be disheartened if something does not work according to plan. Understand that it didn’t work out so something better could take its place. Whichever phase you are going through is temporary. With your optimistic spirit and ability to adapt, you will sail smoothly through this week. We believe in you.
october weekly horoscope


Sometimes life likes to test you. It throws obstacles your way to see if you can handle them or not. Is this what you’re currently experiencing? Don’t worry! It happens to every single one of us. You are good at what you do, and that’s all that matters. If life decides to play games, show life you’re a pro at dealing with them. Remember, you are much stronger than you think you are.    october weekly horoscope


You may not realize it yet, but currently, the universe is blessing you in all spheres. Stay grateful and humble. Try to look at the bigger picture and you’ll understand how lucky you are to be in the place you’re in. Don’t take life too seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed and memories are created to be treasured. This should be your mantra for the whole week. october weekly horoscope


Only if you love yourself will you get love in return. Everyone has flaws, the key here is to come to terms with them. If there’s some part of you you’re not happy with, work on it. You are a beautiful person and you deserve to feel loved like everyone else. Head to the salon, pamper yourself. While juggling between work and friends, find time for yourself. You see, happiness cannot be bought, it has to come from within. Go find your happiness this week!
october weekly horoscope


You are on the road to success, Libra! Everything that you’ve ever wanted is finally coming true. If things haven’t gone your way, it probably wasn’t meant for you to begin with. Learn to let go of what you once so believed in and hope for better things to come along. You may not understand your journey, but who does? Life is just one giant rollercoaster. Just enjoy the ride! october weekly horoscope


Getting close to someone has never come naturally to you. You find it difficult to trust. This week will change that trait. Someone will come into your life and will get close you. They will show you that it is absolutely fine to trust and open up. Interestingly, this person in the future might become a really good friend, or even better, bloom into a romantic partner. When it comes to letting people into your bubble, Scorpio, don’t feel threatened! There are people worth taking the bullet for. october weekly horoscope


Things are starting to look better for you. New opportunities are waiting for you! Snap out of your blurred reality, and start looking at things from a different perspective. Those who’ve recently had a heartbreak, things will look better in the next couple of weeks. Keep an open mind, and most importantly, an open heart!
october weekly horoscope


What may have looked impossible suddenly now seems the opposite. No, it’s not the universe or luck that made it happen. It’s YOU. The ability to never give up till you succeed is finally becoming a reality. If you find yourself confused in making a decision, seek help from others! There are tons of people out there who would love to offer you an extra hand. All you have to do is ask. :) october weekly horoscope


Do you know that time doesn’t wait for anyone? There is someone in your life you don’t interact with anymore. Ego and pride are keeping the two of you away. If you ditch these negative qualities, you can get a meaningful bond back. The choice lies in your hands. Make the right one, and don’t give on something that was at some point extremely important to you. Mend the bond this week. october weekly horoscope


The older you grow, the fewer new people you have in life. That’s not a bad thing. It’s great because now you have quality over quantity. Treasure the people who have stuck with you from thick and thin. Make time for them and give them all your love. This week is the perfect time to tell them how special they are to you. Remember, the more you do for someone, the more you get in return. It’s life’s way of rewarding you.
october weekly horoscope Images: giphy, tumblrShutterstock MUST-READ: Is This YOUR Month? Here’s What Your October Horoscope Says! MUST-READ: How Bad Is Your Temper? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says…
Published on Oct 19, 2015
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