“DON’T Make Me Laugh!” 16 Things You’ll Get If You Had Braces!

“DON’T Make Me Laugh!” 16 Things You’ll Get If You Had Braces!
So you were not the one to be blessed with the perfect set of teeth - they’re hard to come by anyway. But you were blessed with orthodontists and technology to fix that for you! How? With a 24/7 metal food trap called BRACES - that is lodged in your mouth - is how. Sure, braces will give you the the smile you have always wanted...but it will also give you a glimpse of HELL. Yup, the fight against nature is real! Here are 16 struggles every girl who has braces will totally get~

1. Getting really excited after you get them like you just won some sort of an award

Only that excitement is short lived. When the pain starts building up… You realize that your life will no longer be the same. “Farewell, sweet life.”

struggling with braces  1

2. The whole world notices only the braces about you

Suddenly everything about you isn’t as important or intriguing as the wires tying up your teeth. It’s like you don’t even have other features on your face except the dabs of metal that apparently has become your new definition. You become “the girl with the braces”.

3. “So long, normal food! See you after three hundred years.”

You are never to eat or even look at candy, chewing gum, sandwiches or food altogether. Your staple diet comprises of khichdi and oatmeal... While the rest of the world enjoys the luxury of getting to eat whatever they want. You wonder why this tragedy must fall upon you, and only you!

struggling with braces  3

4. Sometimes you like to live dangerously and bite that apple!

That’s right, you’re a rebel. You eat the forbidden fruit like it’s got nothing on you and you cry later because you break your brackets. This only increases the duration of your treatment by 162764894 times. And in that moment, you swear to listen to your dentist and be a good patient. “Damn you, fruit!”

5. And your dentist might as well become your new BFF

Uh-huh! Got yourself a new friend there. Don’t know if that’s something to be proud of, though. But dentist calls and visits become SO frequent that he or she becomes a part of your life. #TrueStory

struggling with braces  5

6. Living in constant fear of having food stuck on your front teeth

It’s literally an obsession: running to the washroom as soon as you eat without talking or even looking at anyone. Eating out is no longer the fun thing it used to be...you actually dread having to go out to a nice restaurant and eat.

7. You are terrified of kissing

Your biggest fear and curiosity revolves around, fortunately or unfortunately, having to kiss someone. Having heard numerous “kiss gone wrong” stories when someone had braces on…you hope that unfortunate day never comes while you and your braces are both on this planet.

struggling with braces 7

8. Two words you hate: “Monthly tightening”

Just when you are getting to eat the food you have yearned for - for so, SO long - comes the monthly tightening. And the week-long slow death in hell that follows.

9. Your inner cheeks are the ultimate fighters

You realize how strong your inner cheeks are to survive the constant cutting and poking. You think people who get a mouth ulcer by accidentally biting their cheek or tongue is...well, cute.

struggling with braces 9

10. You are sure that the tiny exposed wire at the back IS the devil in disguise

God forbid if you have the wire exposed at the back of your teeth. The horrors of it digging into your gum and then having to apply wax on your teeth to ease the pain like a total weirdo.

11. You try very hard not to smile in pictures

No matter how hard you try to make braces look nice, especially in pictures...it just won’t. So you give up smiling altogether. And you beg your friends not to make you laugh while you click pictures together.

struggling with braces  11

12. You have to constantly brush your teeth…with creepy little toothbrushes

You have never brushed your teeth so much in your entire life. You feel like you will spend half of all your waking hours just brushing them.

13. Living in constant fear of swallowing one of the rubber bands

So you just saw that one of the rubber bands have gone missing and you must have swallowed it?  You WILL have sleepless nights because of this and pray to God that the rubber bands don’t kill you.

struggling with braces 13

14. You realize changing the colour of your bands won’t make your brackets look any cooler

You were totally wrong when you thought changing the colour of your bands to a bright green will make your brackets look cooler. It’ll only make you look like you have a serious case of “Had spinach for lunch and it got stuck”.

15. You are constantly comparing your old smile and your new one

Your phone has probably more than ten “before and after” photos to check your own progress… And it makes you so excited that you run around the house showing it to everybody. Not like anyone will be interested, but still!

struggling with braces  15

16. The happiness when you see the progress makes you feel like it’s all worth it.

You can see that the braces are working and it makes you feel like they’re not torture devices after all. You simple can’t wait to get them off and show off your brand new smile to the world!

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