#HeSays: 10 Unexpected Things Guys Notice About Girls!

#HeSays: 10 Unexpected Things Guys Notice About Girls!
Ladies, you know the obvious things that we check out in a girl. Her smile, eyes, what she looks like, sounds like - all of that, yeah. But there are also a few things you might not know we notice - and they do play a role in us figuring out whether the lady in question is someone we should try to take things forward with!

1. Does she have a sense of humour that’s like mine?

Lots of girls have funny bones, sure, and tell amazing jokes. But is she also someone who gets what we find funny. After all, it's nice to spend time with a person with whom you can always laugh together.

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2. Is she nice to kids and animals?

This is probably more important than whether she's nice to us specifically - how she interacts with the world in general. To pets, to children who need a little bit of patient handling, to service staff. It's good to know if a girl we’re hanging out with is a genuinely nice person.

3. How she holds her drink

Make no mistake: we’re not talking about how much (or how little) she drinks - we're not judging. It's about whether she knows how to enjoy her drink (if she does drink) without getting sick (or too drunk to possibly have fun). It's about figuring out if she's a person who knows her limits, and what works for her.

4. Is she really fussy about food?

Vegetarian, non-vegetarian - that's really irrelevant. But it can be a bit of a bummer to share a meal with a person who's going to spend ages deciding what she wants to eat while we're dying of hunger and are feeling too polite (or even embarrassed) to hurry her along.

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5. Is she completely selfie obsessed?

It's completely fine if she is - hell, many of us are selfie addicts too. But we do notice how many selfies she clicks, because we want to know  how much of our time together is likely to be spent with her making faces at her phone. ;-)

6. Is she the same around me as she is around her friends?

This one is important, because it tells us who she really is as a person. The snarky kind, the teasing kind, the shy kind, the totally outgoing kind - it's pretty amazing when she turns out to be the same with us and with her friends. It shows us that she's not awkward about our interactions and that she feels she can be completely herself with us.

7. How she deals with heels

Ladies, we know you love your heels, and we love how you look in them too. But it's good to know how comfortable you are in them, and whether you're likely to take them off soon. It's fine if you do that too - we just want to figure out if it means that our plans are going to be jeopardized by the heel situation. It's a bit annoying if we have to change plans just because you can't walk/ dance/ stop talking about your feet hurting! :-P

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8. The way she talks about her family

Whether she sounds affectionate or angry, teasing or upset. It’s no problem at all whether someone is on very good terms with her parents or siblings, or the relationship is a strained one - but we do notice if there’s respect and consideration towards people who have known her the longest, regardless of what kind of relationship they share today.

9. How she talks about guys she finds attractive

It could be movie stars, it could be a complete stranger at the place we are hanging out at. We do notice who she finds attractive, and how she articulates this. Is she the kind who’s likely to go “OMG, Ranveer Singh is SO hot!” or “That guy at the bar is really cute” or “I really wish Shahid Kapoor had married me!”... It’s something we try and use to figure out what kind of people she’s attracted to - and whether we’re likely to fall into her “I like you very much” category!

10. Does she, um, get lost easily?

Okay, so this has a direct bearing on how we make our plans. If we’re waiting at a cafe, is it likely that we’ll get a call and then have to get out and find her? Should we just meet her at the entrance to the mall/ market? Should we ask her to WhatsApp her location to us - and it won’t come across as a creepy question? Would just picking her up from home/ work be the safest thing to do?

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