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#Horoscope: Is This Going To Be YOUR Lucky Week?

#Horoscope: Is This Going To Be YOUR Lucky Week?

How did your first week of October go? We bet it went superb! Whatever be your experience, it’s time to look forward into the new week ahead of you. Yes, ladies, this week has a surprise waiting for you and and some amazing opportunities coming your way! Are you ready to nail the second week of October like a boss? If that’s a nod, read on!


People are starting to see potential in you. They’re beginning to recognise and appreciate your hard work. Keep that positive attitude going, we say! While you’re killing it at work, make sure to spend time with your loved ones too. Meet new people and expand your social circle. You never know when those contacts would come handy in the future! october weekly horoscope


Eyes on the prize, Taurus! You want that promotion now, do you? Keep your mind focused and start identifying with your work. Remember that your work and talent are extensions of who you are as a person - that’s why it’s important to devote your energy to it. Singles who are looking out for love, don’t be hasty or too picky. Keep your eyes open and don’t settle until the right one comes your way. october weekly horoscope


This week is going to be less stressful for you, because you’ve already given it your best in the previous week. All that’s required from you now is learning the art of patience. Leave the rest in the hands of the universe, and trust us, it will work its magic. Appreciate the little joys in life and spend some quality time with yourself. Make a list of your goals and qualities. Once that’s done, your life will be a lot more organized.
october weekly horoscope


It’s good that you’re finally putting your creativity to the test. Don’t let that million dollar idea go so easily. Pour your full potential into your current endeavours to reap their benefits in the long run. Trust us, you got this! As far as your love life is concerned, someone interesting might cross paths with you. A person who you didn’t expect to enter your life may just take it by storm. Go with the flow and trust your instincts. october weekly horoscope


The wait is finally over and good things are about to come your way, dear lioness. The best way to grab this opportunity is to be calm and strong. Also, learn to stay away from people who contribute nothing to your life. You can identify them by looking deep into yourself and analysing each one’s relationship with you. Those you don’t need, cut off. This is a transformation week for you and you know what? You’re going to come out of it stronger! october weekly horoscope


You know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? That’s what’s happening right now. There’s more to life than sitting in front of your work desk. Live a little, no? Go out with your friends, read a book, dance like there’s nobody watching you. All these little things will lead you to self-discovery. Your love life will only manifest when you learn to love yourself. Make yourself a priority and that attitude itself will draw new people towards you.
october weekly horoscope


Life is all about maintaining balance, and ironically, your sign strongly depicts that. Time management is your lesson for this week. To make time for that someone special and yourself, you’ve got to juggle smoothly with your deadlines and current commitments. Getting the hang of it will make your life less chaotic. You’re doing well, Libra. (Always remember that!) october weekly horoscope


Have you been covering up for other people lately, Scorpio? If yes, then don’t. This week is the time to make that change. Stand up for what’s right and pick your battles carefully. Don’t fight for someone else. Let their merit define them and not your aid. Take credit for what you truly deserve and concentrate only on your work and personal life. Even if people have something bad to say, let them. You are responsible for your own happiness at the end of the day. It’s about time you understood that. october weekly horoscope


Last week was a bit of a rough start ,we’re guessing. However, nothing lasts forever. The best is yet to come. If something hasn’t worked out for you, there’s something better on its way. Have patience, and keep that positive energy that you were born with burning. Things are going to get better from now on. You’ll have to stay calm and show life that you can handle any obstacle it throws your way. Good luck!
october weekly horoscope


Hard work always pays, Capricorn. What you are facing right now is a struggling phase. This could be emotional or mental. The key here is not give up or look back. You’re doing a fine job, all you have to do is have a little faith. Grab on to every opportunity that comes your way and make the best use of it! In these opportunities lie happiness and relief. Your job is to pick the right one. october weekly horoscope


Do feel lighter and happier nowadays? That’s because you made the right choices at the right time. Continue to do this for the coming weeks as well. Don’t let anyone cut your wings! You deserve to be free and choose your own fate. If you’re troubled by something, voice it out. Let people know what’s on your mind and get them to understand your desires. Efficient communication will bring you there. october weekly horoscope


Let go of all the grudges and hate in your heart. Set your heart free! There’s more to love than hate. If someone has wronged you in the previous week, forgive them. Forgiveness is hard to give, but it’s the only way to make you feel better. Put a smile on that pretty face and give people chances. Because, Pisces, no one is perfect at the end of the day, and that’s precisely what makes us human.
october weekly horoscope Images: Tumblr, Giphy, Shutterstock MUST-READ: Is This YOUR Month? Here’s What Your October Horoscope Says! MUST-READ:  What Do You Secretly Fear? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says…
Published on Oct 12, 2015
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