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What Do YOU Want In A Relationship? Your Zodiac Says...

What Do YOU Want In A Relationship? Your Zodiac Says...
Our zodiac signs might not predict exactly what’s going to happen in our relationships - after all, each one is different - but they can give us cues about our personalities, and so reveal how we are in our relationships and what we want and need from them. Do you seek passion, trust, honesty, stability or something else?! Let’s find out...


While you love to have excitement and look for that extra spark in a relationship, you are not one for a frivolous fling. You look for stability and long-term happiness. Having said that, you enjoy your space and need to maintain your independence even in a relationship! need in a relationship


Uncertainty is not something you take too well in a relationship. You like to know where you stand and need complete honesty and frankness. You, Taurus, need to know more than anything that your partner is dependable in order to be happy and comfortable in your relationship. need in a relationship


You, Gemini, find it rather hard to sustain a relationship that lacks spontaneity and fun. You like to take your time deciding what you want when it comes to being in a relationship. While you need love and patience from your partner's end, you also need to be constantly challenged and mentally stimulated! need in a relationship


Since you take time opening up, Cancerian, you need to have a strong emotional connection with your partner in a relationship. Although you seek adventure, you need a sense of security to be at peace and happy. You may not let it on, but you like romantic gestures and treasure them! Trust is the single most important thing to you. need in a relationship


You need to be able to take charge and stay in control in a relationship. Being true to yourself comes naturally to you and you need a partner who truly adores you. You also need a balance between a serious and casual relationship. And monotony is not something you take to kindly - so the more exciting your relationship is, the happier you are!
need in a relationship


You like things done a specific way. This holds true even for your relationships. You, Virgo, need security, stability and assurance to be happy in a relationship. You like to look at your relationships in a practical and organized manner and don’t like playing games. Being led on for nothing is something you truly despise. need in a relationship


For you, Libra, peace and harmony are the two most important things in a relationship. You don’t like fights and arguments and find it difficult to be in a relationship where that happens frequently. You like being appreciated by your partner and being pampered by him! You do, however, also need your own alone time every now and then. need in a relationship


Passion drives you, Scorpio, as it does your relationship too! You require an extra spark in your relationship. You like to be moderately in control and need a partner who is extremely patient. Kindness and loyalty are things you cannot compromise on in a relationship. You may give the impression of being detached on the exterior, but you’re extremely emotional. Because of that, Scorpio, you have your guard up. More than anything else, a trustworthy partner is what you need in a relationship. need in a relationship


You seek adventure and positivity. You are not overly emotional even in your relationships and need someone who is full of energy and creativity! You don’t let convention and norms define your relationship. You’re not hard to please and find happiness in small things! A loyal partner and freedom to be yourself is all you need.
need in a relationship


You, Capricorn, are ambitious and this trait rubs off on your relationships too. You think and plan big from the very beginning. You need a partner who is patient and is willing to woo you. You prefer monogamy and find it hard to be in an on-off thing. A physically passionate and mentally challenging partner is what you need to keep you going in a relationship. need in a relationship


You like to make your own set of rules in a relationship, Aquarius. You require energy, independence and spontaneity. You need a partner who is kind and down to earth and you find it difficult to deal with being taking for granted in a relationship. need in a relationship


Compassion goes a long way with you, Pisces! You are sensitive and loyal, and need a partner who is true to you. You like to feel protected and comfortable in a relationship and look for a partner who makes you feel that way. You also like to feel needed and loved! need in a relationship
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