what are you obsessed with

What Do You Obsess Over? This Is What Your Zodiac Says…

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

We’re all obsessed with one thing or another. Gadgets, clothes, shoes, cars and so on. But there are certain qualities we all possess - thanks to our sun signs - that help us determine what our zodiac obsession really is!


You, Aries, are full of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. You are always looking to do something new. Constantly discovering new things about the world and yourself is what you’re obsessed with!

What are you obsessed with


You are compassionate and down to earth, Taurus. But you also love to indulge yourself with all the good things in life! Owing to your desires to build yourself a luxurious life, you are obsessed with achieving success in your professional life!

what are you obsessed with


You, Gemini, are extremely observant. You’re a keen listener and quick to interpret any situation in your own way! You’re obsessed with solving mysteries and getting definitive answers to your questions.

what are you obsessed with


You, Cancer, are the most intuitive of the signs. You are extremely empathetic towards everything and everyone. Because of this nature, you are obsessed with being the problem solver for everyone in your life!

what are you obsessed with


You, Leo, are warm-spirited and love making new friends. You enjoy being the centre of attention and enjoy having deep meaningful conversations. Being loved and admired by those you care about is what you’re obsessed with!

what are you obsessed with


Things need to be a specific way for you to be happy, Virgo! While you are adventurous in your own way, going out of your comfort zone is not something you like to do too often. Perfecting and mastering everything that you enjoy doing is what you're obsessed with!

what are you obsessed with


You, Libra, like peace and harmony around you. Engaging in fights and arguments is something you like to stay away from as far as possible. You are obsessed with keeping a calm and peaceful environment around you and trying to attain balance in life!

what are you obsessed with


You are the most loyal of the signs, Scorpio. While you like doing things your own way and living life on your own terms, you are a true softie at heart. You find it hard to forgive those who betray you or take you for granted. Because of this, Scorpio, seeking the truth and finding it is what you are obsessed with!

what are you obsessed with


You, Sagittarius, are all about positivity and good vibes. You seek adventure and look for new and creative ways to do things and live life. Your zodiac obsession is to use your imagination to your best ability and live life on your own terms!

what are you obsessed with


You are extremely ambitious and focused on what you want to achieve, Capricorn. You like challenges and finding a way to work them out! Your are obsessed with attaining success in every field that you enter - one way or another, whether personally or professionally.

what are you obsessed with


You, Aquarius, are independent and spontaneous. You have a naturally nurturing quality that makes everyone in your life rely on you emotionally. Helping all those in need and unconditionally supporting those you care about is your obsession!

what are you obsessed with


You are sensitive, loyal and compassionate, Pisces. You are extremely protective of those you love and want the best for everyone around you. Following your gut and intuition no matter what the situation is your obsession!

what are you obsessed with

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Published on Oct 14, 2015
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