5 Wedding Gifts EVERY Couple Will Absolutely Love!

5 Wedding Gifts EVERY Couple Will Absolutely Love!
Come winter and the wedding season is in full swing. Apart from well wishes and happiness, the one thing that newly-wed couples always want is a meaningful gift. Especially when the gift is from your parent, a close relative or a friend; they desire something precious which they can treasure for a lifetime. No newly-married couple wants yet another run-of-the-mill gift. Hence, for all those times you’ve thought of gifts which are meaningful, we’ve put together a smart shoppers list of perfect gifts of love that will please every couple. Go on, take your pick…

1. Customised Designer Wear

A lot of luxury fashion brands customise their clothes by monogramming and/or adding additional details to already existing designs. A lot of designers are also willing to customise their designs to appease every customer. Simply find the sizes of the bride and groom and get their initials monogrammed on matching ponchos or shawls. You could also get them matching night suits from these brands with their individualistic colours and monograms.

2.  Contemporary-Yet-Traditional Jewellery

Jewellery always does wonders to forge everlasting bonds. And so when you want to bless the couple with eternal love , why not say it with Platinum Evara – an exquisitely crafted  jewellery for the new bride and groom.  Love is at the heart of every EVARA design. Each design holds multiple strands together symbolic of coming together of two families, bound with a platinum bond. With contemporary designs this one’s a lifetime keeper. A bold bracelet for the groom and a beautiful neckpiece for the bride perhaps?

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3. A Date Package

Gift your favourite couple a date they won’t forget. You could plan a weekend getaway for them by reserving a room at a lovely hotel. Pack in a surprise by planning a fun-filled itinerary that includes adventure sports or picnics. You could also send them a winter/summer date package. A winter package could have a blanket, two cute coffee, tea or hot chocolate mugs, their favourite movie, mittens, socks, caps and a pack of their favourite blend of coffee or tea.

4. Do It Yourself Magic

This gifting idea is easy to implement! Look for an old trunk, old bottles or old boxes lying around the house or take a walk around the flea markets in your city. Now decorate the these with either pictures of the couple and their friends or simply use your imagination and paint over them. These can be used as tool kits, jewellery boxes or even flower pots. What matters is the thought and effort you put into personalising it.

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5. Framed Thingamajigs

Once shared a few beers out of the same mug or ate a special meal together with the same spoon? This gifting idea works if the wedding you’re attending is that of a close friend. Simply frame the spoons, little notes, mugs, diaries you have shared in the past. They make for great tear-jerkers and can set the ball rolling in your favour, even without spending very much.

*This is a sponsored post for Platinum Evara