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9 Ways Karan Johar Has Basically Ruined Real Life For Us!

9 Ways Karan Johar Has Basically Ruined Real Life For Us!
We love Karan Johar and all that, but the truth of the matter is, he has in many ways given us an exceptional idea about what real life ought to be like! In fact, you could even call our expectations of life based on watching his movies completely unrealistic. Here are a few things he made us believe about real life… that turned out to be SO not true!

1. It is totally legit to wear tiny skirts and makeup to school and leave your hair open without a single teacher pointing that out…

I mean, Alia Bhatt looked great and all that, but didn’t quite work that way at our schools!

karan johar movies 1

2. You can also be riding your expensive cars and motorbikes to school.

“Why weren’t my parents as cool?!”

3. By making us believe that when we get into college...

Our hair will fly, we look the best we ever have and a line of boys will be waiting to take us to Prom! Guess what, KJo, that never happened!

karan johar movies 3

4. Every morning puja at home means getting dressed like it is someone's wedding…

But then why doesn’t my dad agree to buying me a new lehnga every day?! What will I wear to the puja, dammit.  

5. If you wear specs, you’re a nerd. But if you take them off and open your hair…

You’re suddenly the most popular girl around. Ummmm… “I thought I wore specs because my eyesight was kind of bad?”

karan johar movies

6. There will be, at any given point in time, at least two nice, good-looking guys crushing on you…

Why, KJo, why?! What is this imaginary world?

7. Romantic moments just happen. All the time. No effort needed.

“Took a lot of hints for my boyfriend to finally get me a bunch of flowers. Just saying.”

Karan Johar movies 7

8. The rain also means time for romance and dancing outside with the love of your life…

“Tried it, but then the neighbour aunty complained. Also, a car whizzing past spattered me with mud.”

9. Every love story eventually has a happy ending...

“Tell that to my ex, KJo.”

karan Johar movies 9

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