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Here's Why We Should Go On Dates (12 Unexpected Perks!)

Here's Why We Should Go On Dates (12 Unexpected Perks!)
We have all had gazillion thoughts about actually going out on a date. Should I, Should I not? What should I wear? Should I invite him over? Should I text him? Despite of all the apprehensions, it might not be a bad idea to really go out for these. In fact, these might actually turn out to be unexpectedly wonderful and will definitely give you some things to look forward to. Take that chance, you’ll only be closer to finding “the one” if you go out dating!

1. There is excitement in the air

The whole idea of dressing up, picking a place, getting ready is all so delightful (nerve-wrecking too). This experience is worth having! In hindsight, if this works out you could share the “firsts” and that will make one amazing conversation to hear from the other side!

2. Your knowledge about the more "happening" places in the city expands! 

Exploring new places and figuring out interesting things to do on a date makes this happen! Checking out new restaurants is making you an expert at this. You can totally decide where to go out with your set of friends ‘coz you already know if they will enjoy going to that place or not!

perks of dating

3. You get to understand yourself better

With every conversation you have with a new person, not only do you get to know them, you also realise certain things about yourself. If something doesn’t work out, you get to figure out what it is that you are looking for in a partner and that is one great thing to take back.  

4. A good boost for your confidence levels!

You will notice, after a few dates, that your confidence starts skyrocketing as you get better at these encounters. When first-date nerves take a back seat, you see yourself becoming the best version of yourself and you will start enjoying this.

perks of dating

5. Your people skills are improving

After a few of these dates, you begin to get a hands-on experience of dealing with various kinds of people. With your newly acquired finesse, you can take this outing in any direction you prefer because you will be better at judging, and conversations will become more smoother too.

6. Something not working out is not a biggie anymore!

In case, you meet someone and it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to feel too bad about it because you will have more opportunities too. Just be yourself and you will find the most suitable match for yourself soon.

perks of dating

7. Making new friends!

Sometimes, you realise that there is no romantic future in this relationship after spending some time together - but you enjoy each other’s company as you have a lot in common! Maybe he can help you out with some work related stuff or maybe he even puts in touch with “the one”. No harm in having one more friend, right?

8. A different perspective on the same old things

When you go to an old place with a new person, everything seems different. Because you're looking at the same place from a new perspective - your date's eyes. You see things in a fresh manner. That is the best takeaway from meeting new people.

perks of dating

9. Someone to hang out with all the time?

Even when your friends are out of town, you can go for those gigs and events that you have been wanting to with your date. Not only do you get to do what you wished for, you also see if you guys connect when you are doing these things together.

10. Getting Pampered

All the gentlemanly things that your date does - like holding the door for you, picking you up before dinner - it feels good once in a while, doesn’t it? These sweet gestures can be very soothing and bring you happiness of some sorts.

perks of dating

11. Another entertaining thing to talk about with your friends!

Whichever way it goes, it definitely makes for a fun conversation to be had with your girlfriends. Maybe talking about those small instances will help their dating lives too. You’ll have a lot of crazy anecdotes to share for sure!

12. Taking that Step

There is a certain feel-good factor when you put yourself out there. The general act of taking the plunge to go meet someone new means you are looking forward to unexpected adventures.

perks of dating

Go ahead and give this a shot! In the end, you won’t be disappointed!

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