9 Guy Friends We’re SO Glad To Have In Our Lives!! | POPxo
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9 Guy Friends We’re SO Glad To Have In Our Lives!!

9 Guy Friends We’re SO Glad To Have In Our Lives!!

While we absolutely love and adore our girlfriends, and could no doubt not be able to do without them, sometimes it’s utterly refreshing to have our guy friends around you! Here are a few of those boys that we are just absolutely thankful to have in our lives!

1. The one who always tells you the truth!

You can say just about anything to this one and you know you will only get an honest response! Whether it's about that dress you’ve been contemplating about wearing to a date or that new guy you just started seeing, he will not hold back from telling you exactly how he feels! Our girlfriends may hold back from fear of hurting our sentiments, but he will not! We all need a little bit of that every now and then!
types of guy friends 1

2. The one you can discuss all your “guy” issues with

Having a guy to discuss your guy issues with just makes life a lot simpler! He will give you sane advice and more often than not, he is right! Aren’t we absolutely grateful for having this one in our lives?!

3. The “Pick me up, pleeeeease?” friend

Stranded somewhere in the middle of the night? You know whom to call! The guy who accepts that you WILL text him while he’s sleeping and he has to come to your rescue because you don’t want to take a cab by yourself. Thank you, knight in shining car - you make my life so much safer!!

4. The one you can fun-flirt with!

Now both of you know that you will never date each other. You know each other too well to do that! But having someone you can randomly flirt with every now and then and someone who makes you feel good about yourself is no sin. You love him and he loves you, only as a friend. But you’re always there to make each other feel better on days you’re feeling completely down and out!
types of  guy friends 3

5. The “tech support” friend

He is the one you go to when you need any sort of help with any sort of technological stuff. “I need a new phone, hellllp.” “What laptop should I buy?” It’s not that we can’t do these things for ourselves, but SO much more convenient when a boy obsessed with all this stuff is willing to give you the best answers and save you time and energy. And he loves doing it - so it’s actually like you’re doing him a favour, really. :P

6. The one who knows everyone!

He knows everyone from the owner of the club you always want to go to on a Friday night to the cute DJ playing there! He’s the one you go to when you want passes or entry anywhere and it's always super fun to go anywhere with him! He also introduces you to other cute guys often. :P

7. The one who’s super protective of you…

He absolutely loves you and is super protective of you. He examines every guy you date with even more attention and detail than you do. He always looks out for you and wants what is best for you! You know he has always got your back and he is definitely the one you run to anytime you’re in trouble!
types of  guy friend 5

8. The one who will never judge you!

He knows every little secret of yours and will laugh along with you instead of ever making you feel bad about yourself. He’s the one you tell things you wouldn’t tell anyone else. Not even your girlfriends. You trust him and never have to worry about saying or doing anything in front of him!

9. The one you can do completely random fun stuff with

You know if ever there is something you want to do and no one else will do it with you, he definitely will! He is adventurous and spontaneous and always looking to have new experiences. His zest and enthusiasm in life inspires you too! You absolutely love hanging out with him. It's always so much fun! types of  guy friend 7 GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: THIS Is What Happens When Your Bestie Is A Boy! MUST-READ: #BroCode: 15 “Guy” Things You Have To Get To Survive Life!
Published on Oct 28, 2015
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