Skip The Jewellery, Flaunt The Watch: 3 Bloggers Show You How!!

Skip The Jewellery, Flaunt The Watch: 3 Bloggers Show You How!!
Festive season is finally here and with it comes the time to shop for the right kind of accessories to go with every outfit. If you’re a minimalistic person, you won’t leave home without your wrist watch! But festive time calls for a more elegant and sophisticated timepiece than your regular (and super casual) leather and rubber straps. And that’s why we got 3 of our favourite bloggers to give us the lowdown on the right kind of watch to pair with every glam outfit. Thanks to Titan Raga, our bloggers got to raid their store and dig into their new Moonlight collection. Here are the results…

Stephanie of Feisty Fox Diaries

Stephanie paired three beautiful outfits with her Titan Raga watch. The intricate detailing on the strap and the studded bezel lent themselves beautifully to her looks. Stephanie shares more pictures on her blog.

Stephanie titan raga moonlight collection

Kavya of Streak Hue Fall

Kavya decided to let her watch contrast against the stripes on her dress and boy did she look brilliant! Some red lipstick and she looked set to attend the next best Diwali card party. For inspiration, check out her looks on her blog.

Kavya titan raga moonlight collection

Aanam of What When Wear

Aanam’s printed dress went very well with the elegant watch she picked - simple and understated. It did not take the attention away from her look but at the same time made quite the impact. Perfect for a bachelorette! Here’s more pictures from her blog.

Anam titan raga moonlight collection

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