19 Thoughts Women Have About Being On Top (In Bed!)

19 Thoughts Women Have About Being On Top (In Bed!)
You know we’ve all had some crazy thoughts during sex. Like, seriously crazy sometimes. But what happens when we're the ones on top?! While having all that fun and getting completely exhausted, we manage to have some even more hilarious and some super-awkward things go through our minds! Here are 19 thoughts every girl has had while on top!! ;-)

1. Do I look like I have a double chin from this angle?

2. Hey, but best way to showcase boobs!

3. Wait, I think I'm going to fall off.

woman on top

4. But it's also kind of cool. Like a rocking horse.

5. Owww, my knees hurt like a bitch.

6. Note to self: I need to get a softer mattress.

woman on top

7. This requires more energy than going to the gym!

8. Awesome thigh workout, though.

9. Maybe I should try turning?

woman on top

10. Wait, but what do I hold on to? Never mind then.

11. Damn it, should have tied up my hair, I probably look like that girl from The Ring. Or was it The Grudge?!

12. I don't think he's looking at my face though. Haha!

woman on top

13. Hmm, getting the hang of this. Maybe I should go faster.

14. YAY, he's moving too! Not doing all the work by myself any more!

15. Boobs, behaaaave! Don't go bounce-crazy. Maybe should have kept my bra on. 

woman on top

16. OMG, never appreciated how much attention a guy can pay to one's boobs simply because they're in his face!!. #LovingIt

17. Oh god, I'm so tired. Can he take over now?

18. Definitely burnt more calories than my dinner consisted of, though!

woman on top

19. Oh, FOOD! I need food. Where's food? Need food.

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