12 AWESOME Things About Tuitions - You Know You Miss Them!

12 AWESOME Things About Tuitions - You Know You Miss Them!
Your parents thought they were signing you up for tuitions so that schoolwork would be easier for you, and in turn life would get easier for them. What they didn't know they were doing? Giving you a whole new environment to make friends in and have some insane fun! Here are a few things we will never forget about those amazing tuition classes!

1. When your parents thought there was a double class…

But you were going half an hour early to gossip with the other batches and leaving half an hour late so you could go have ice cream with your friends.

2. And note-passing was so much easier to do in tuitions than in school!

In the haphazard way you were sitting, who would notice?!

tuition classes 2

3. Books were always forgotten at home.

Just so you could sit next to your friend and share hers.

4. Oh, the new ways of cheating that you learnt!

The back of the Coke bottle label, the eraser with a cover, you've done it all!

tuition classes 4

5. Open book tests were totally a thing.

Even though your tutor didn't know about the "open book" part of it.

6. When your tutor asked, you pretended like you didn't own a phone.

Just so you could text from under the table! Ahhh, the art of texting without looking.

tuition classes 6

7. There was that one guy who had the biggest crush on you!

And you found it hilarious when your tutor whacked him with a book for staring at you instead of the board.

8. Chalk-throwing didn't count as physical abuse of children.

But it seriously hurt when your teacher had amazingly good aim!

tuition classes 8

9. Bluetooth headsets never got used unless you took tuitions!

You totally tried to listen to music without being caught in class. And FAILED.

10. You got to meet someone from every other big school there was.

This totally made you seem cool back in your own school!! “I met this guy from…” #FTW

tuition classses 10

11. You got to wear all your nice casual clothes in front of someone who WASN’T family.

So much better than school uniform at least!

12. Your register's last few pages were full of random doodles and horrible attempts at poetry.

And the pages still filled up from the back faster than the front.

tuition classes 12

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