10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From South Delhi!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From South Delhi!
Growing up in Delhi, you realize one thing for sure - there is no one type of “Delhi girl”. There are many! And depending on which part you grew up in, there are some things you can definitely relate to! Here are the things that you’ll get if you grew up in South Delhi!

1. “Colony friends” was actually a thing. And we don't mean that one friend who lived in the next block.

You could literally make a cricket team out of the friends you had in your own colony.

2. You had a specific chaat wala bhaiya that you absolutely loved.

And you were convinced that he was the best in town! Arre, he really was!

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3. After-school plans? Priya's, of course!

And if you needed a change, obviously M-Block market in GK.

4. Want to go shopping? The only mall was Ansal Plaza!

Otherwise there was always Sarojini Nagar market!

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5. People always assume that you're like Sonam from Aisha, waving around your daddy's AmEx.

Sorry to disappoint, but we've made payments in stores with all the chhutta in our bags also sometimes.

6. Ice cream craving?

Forget all the million stalls you passed on the way, going to India Gate at night was THE thing to do!

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7. All your school friends who didn't live in South Delhi had it tough.

They always had to come to your side of town whenever you made plans with them!

8. One of your neighbourhood aunties taught classical dance. And the other one gave painting classes. And another gave singing lessons.

And you've attended them all, at one point or another!

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9. Your school was very close by.

Let's be honest, all the good schools were in south Delhi!

10. The first creepy club type place you ever entered was RPM.

And that one time was ENOUGH! Ugh, the horror of roaming hands and sweaty boys.

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