19 Things You’ll Get If You Live In Mumbai's Suburbs!

19 Things You’ll Get If You Live In Mumbai's Suburbs!
No matter where you live in Mumbai, you’ll have to agree that each part of this vibrant city has a charm of its own! The suburbs happen to be one of them. It may not have the fancy British architectural touch to it, but it’s home to many fantastic things. If you live in this part of the city, here are 19 things you’re bound to relate to!

1. Who needs to shop at Colaba Causeway & Fashion Street anymore when you have mega malls like Infinity, Inorbit & Oberoi nearby?

We also have TWO outlets of Forever 21 here! #JustSaying

Mumbai's Suburbs

2. You’re always on the move, but you NEVER make it on time.

Now saying you were stuck in traffic is actually a valid excuse! ;)

3. Want to lose weight? Try getting into a Churchgate local at 8:30 am.

A free full body massage also comes along with it!

Mumbai's Suburbs

4. Move over Chowpatty Beach & Marine Drive, we have Juhu and Versova Beach!

Also party gateways like Madh Island & Manori Beach have our weekend plans blocked well in advance.

5. No rickshaw dude can take you for a ride, because you’re better than Google maps!

You’re also the baap at giving him directions. You go, girl!

Mumbai's Suburbs

6. After 11 pm, most of town pretty much shuts, and that’s precisely when the suburban nightlife begins!

Bandra and Andheri, we’re watching you!

Mumbai's Suburbs

7. Wear a salwar in the suburbs and no one blinks an eye, wear a mini skirt and EVERYONE loses their minds!

“Hey babydoll, want to be mah friand?

Mumbai's Suburbs

8. Travelling alone at midnight is absolutely no biggie for you!

Hello? Mumbai never sleeps, you know?

9. Standing in front of Shahrukh Khan’s house at Bandstand is something you’ve done atleast once in your life!

Because getting a selfie with SRK would make your life complete.

Mumbai's Suburbs

10. No matter how huge this city is, you can never get lost in it. You’ll ask around, and ultimately find your way!

Leave your townie friend in Borivali and they’d probably get a panic attack!

11. You’re anything but proud. You’re adaptable to change and a complete sweetheart. You can make friends with anyone, eat at the poshest and shadiest of places and of course, will always be up to try something new!

It’s like being nice is in your DNA!

Mumbai Suburbs

12. Unlike in Town, everything in the suburbs is super closeby!

Actually, everything you need is just under ONE roof. Thank you, Hypercity, D-Mart & Star-Bazaar! You guys make our lives so much easier!

13. When you tell your Townie friends that you live in Malad, Andheri, Borivali and they go like “Where’s that? Is it In Mumbai?”

While you’re silently rolling your eyes.

Mumbai Suburbs

14. When a friend calls you to chill in town, you actually give it a serious thought!

To travel or not to travel: that is the question.

15. If you’ve driven in the suburbs, it’s quite possible that you’ve either abused or fought with someone on the road.

Kya bey? Dekh nahi sakta?

16. Because other than Elco Market and MM Mithaiwala, no one comes close to making the best lassi, ragda pattice and paani puri!

Someone please tell Zomato to give them an award already!

Mumbai Suburbs

17. During the rains, finding a rick or a cab is like finding a needle in a haystack!

And even if you do, they refuse to take you!

Mumbai Suburbs

18. A perfect way to end the day is watch the sun go down at Carter Road and Bandstand.

The sea, the breeze, the peace, ah life is good!

19. And last but not the least, regardless of whether you're a townie or a suburbanite, anyone who talks dirt about Mumbai, gets dirt thrown right back at them!

Mumbai Meri Jaan!

Mumbai Suburbs

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