Gaali Bhi, Shayari Bhi! 14 Things Everyone From U.P. Will Get

Gaali Bhi, Shayari Bhi! 14 Things Everyone From U.P. Will Get
The state of Uttar Pradesh houses as many people as entire countries of Brazil or Russia do! With all that many of us living up here, we sure grow up with much in common. To the state with an amazingly rich cultural heritage and crazy political environ -  we bring you 14 things that you’ll surely get if ever lived in U.P.!

1. Chaat, pakora, samosa...paan? All-time treats!

U.P. walle looove their spicy street food, and all occasions - from a rainy day to a wedding in the house - call for these treats!

lived in Uttar Pradesh 1

2. Getting along with corruption and poverty EACH day!

It’s not easy, but it’s a reality that’s hard to avoid around here. But those of us who do live here, learn early on in our lives to work along with the system and get work done. Maybe that’s why the rest of the nation looks up to us as Dabangg!

3. Traffic rules? Auto by meter?

They just do not exist. People ram their cars, rickshaws, bikes and buses into each other, drive where there is no space - and a few kilometres take a few hours to cross! It’s a little sad how basic civic sense is missing at large, and everybody’s complacent about it.

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4. Loud generators to the rescue!

With 12 hours of power cuts not being a surprise anywhere (except in the capital city of Lucknow - gotta have some perks, after all!), smoke-spewing generators and overloaded inverters are a pretty common sight.

5. Crazy baraat dances at weddings

But you’ve got to give this to people from U.P. -  we just know how to let loose and have some fun. Some may call desi U.P. weddings loud, but the entire family baraat dance and the extravagant affairs that marriages are - it’s all huge fun!

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6. And then there’s Holi!

There is no other place that celebrates the festival of colours with as much enthusiasm and joy as U.P. does! The bhaang and dhol just add madness to the entire celebrations!

7. “Yahan sab neta hain!”

We can’t really help it - U.P. comes with an electrically charged political environment, and it gets to all of us. Most people here are engaged with - or at least not ignorant about - local politics, to say the least. And then there are political affiliations that EVERYBODY here holds on so dearly to. “Mere chacha ka beta XXX party mein hai!”

lived in Uttar Pradesh 7

8. And we are TOTALLY crazy about Bollywood

A Bollywood movie comes out, and all of U.P. lines up to watch it - and adopt all the trends. Remember Tere Naam? That hairstyle is STILL in vogue here. Uff!

9. And it’s not just Bollywood - Bhojpuri movies and music are a hit too!

Well, we’re high on drama and over-the-top entertainment, what can we say?!

lived in Uttar Pradesh 9

10. Too many lover-boys!

Now U.P. folks being such Bollywood fans - it comes as no surprise that they are too full of dramatic gestures and want filmy love stories!

11. Taj Mahal, anyone?

When you have the monument of love, a wonder of the world, stationed in your state - no wonder at those honeymooners from all over the country run there, then! Also, you know, lover-boys.

lived in Uttar Pradesh 11

12. But summer holidays always mean a trip to the hills

Always! All our childhood trips were about travelling up north to Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital! This obsession with mountains and valleys and hills probably comes from the need for a break from the heat and dust of most of our cities and towns!

13. Sher-o-shayari!

Urdu and Mughal influences are all too apparent in the state’s food and language - its two favourite indulgences! Poetry is an all-time favourite, and Lucknawi andaaz and nawaabi pasand are always welcome!

lived in Uttar Pradesh 13

14. And those gaalis...

Everyone (from a school-going kid to a grandma) knows exactly what they mean! We’re just as quick to give one, as we’re quick to take one given in simple jest!

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