10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From Jalandhar!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From Jalandhar!
Lovely ladoos, Pahwa kulfi, and lots of geris! There are some things you will only get if you’re from Jalandhar!

1. Your geri route will forever include Model Town.

What else are you supposed to do post 5 p.m. when you have no concrete plans?

2. “Lovely” means a lot of things to you.

It's not just a synonym for beautiful or attractive. It is also synonymous to mithai, cars and a whole university!

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3. Radisson is your go-to spot when you’re feeling fancy.

Uuum, coffee anyone?

4. But Cafe Coffee Day and Barista are still what you’re most loyal to…

Nik Baker’s isn't giving them competition, is it?

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5. Every time your friends visit from out of town, they want to go to Haveli or Rangla Punjab.

Yes, we get it. A miniature Punjabi village is very fascinating...

6. Nothing beats “Pahwa ki kulfi” on a hot summer day.

*Nom nom*

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7. Prithvi’s Planet was most likely your hub growing up, or for quite a long period of time.  

Bowling anyone?

8. You have finally been blessed with PVR and BIG Cinemas in the city!

No more “Friends” and “Lal Rattan”, ladies and gentlemen!

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9. At least half the people you know (or you yourself) went to APJ.

At least Jawahar Nagar is right opposite and has “Sunny Side Up”.

10. People often confuse you for being from Amritsar or Ludhiana when you go out of town…

Not the same thing, people, not the same thing!

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