THIS Is What It’s Like To Live In a PG!

THIS Is What It’s Like To Live In a PG!
Did you go to a college in a different city, away from home? Or your first job was in a different city, maybe? Freshly out of school or college, with new responsibilities it made complete sense to move into a P.G. Not Having to deal with the hassles that come with living in a flat by yourself, this was the best option! We have all made friends for a lifetime at our P.G. and we definitely have some fond memories! Even if you stayed as a paying guest for a few months you will totally understand this!

1. There was very little difference between a strict housemaster and your landlady. You knew you had to be in the good books to get your way around things!

2. You’ve definitely introduced your boyfriend as your cousin brother at least once!

3. You tried everything to shift/ dodge/ change the curfew times. Even if the party had just begun, you had to be back at the designated time! No escape!

4. You had set deals that you could strike with the security guard at the gate. 50 bucks for letting you in after 10 pm and 100 bucks to let your friend come in too!

paying guest

5. This is the exact period in your life where you started either losing too much weight or gaining too much weight. Eating out pretty much is an everyday thing, given the taste of the food at your P.G.

6. You go all Ninja if you hear a girl scream from her room about the pesky little lizard.

7. Sneaking in late after deadline used to give us such a special kind of a kick!

8. Television saga: the real life drama would take off when it came to deciding what to watch at 8 pm. Indian saas-bahu serials? You had full knowledge about what was happening in every one of them even if tried to avoid it!

paying guest

9. Getting ready to go for your first date? Lots of wardrobes to choose from. These girls would definitely make sure that you step out in your best avatar.

10. No point of stocking up the fridge with food. It would inevitably disappear, and which one of the 15 girls could you blame? Hmmm.

11. Even the waxing lady had to take permission before she could come into your P.G. Basically, your beauty regime was public knowledge.

12. Boyfriends - or even just guy friends - coming to pick you up? They had to stop at least a 100 metres away.

paying guest

13. After all the night-outs, you had to come back and give all the exciting details to someone. Late night gossip sessions had become a part of life!

14. Eating different variations of aloo because apparently everyone loved aloo. NO! Not really!

15. You always had a study partner during exams. Someone to accompany you while you were burning the midnight oil!

paying guest

16. Those long annoying bathroom queues especially during 8:45 class! Wow, we learnt how to hasten that process for sure!

17. Endless arguments over increased rent and the AC bills! Does the calculation change every month?!

18. Your P.G. mate has seen you through your worst times and was your shoulder to cry on when you really needed it!

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