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"Gym? Who's Jim?" 14 Things You'll Get If You HATE Exercising!

All those gym bunnies out there - you are a little bit scared of them. How do their minds operate, you wonder. Here are the things you will definitely relate to if you absolutely HATE all forms of exercise!

1. The day you need to take the stairs instead of the escalator/ elevator? You feel fitter than the rest of the world put together.

2. On the off chance that you find yourself at the gym, you spend 20 minutes just looking at the odd alien-type machines and the next 40 minutes in the spa area. What, you're still burning calories!

3. Horizontal running needs to a legit form of exercise. It's the one thing you might consider doing. Your legs are moving, aren't they?

4. You once got a yoga mat. But now it's your dog's makeshift bed.

hate exercise 4

5. That one time your friends talked you into going for a yoga class, you spent the next three days in bed, barely able to move and sending those friends hate texts.

6. Sweatpants are for sleeping, guys. And running errands. Not for exercising.

7. The only things you can tolerate about exercising is the totally awesome workout playlists that are made for it!

8. The only weight lifting you do is carrying the groceries and shopping bags home.

hate exercise 8

9. You can come up with the BEST excuses for not working out. Like not having the right type of shoes for a particular exercise or not having the worst cramps (all month long)!

10. The only time you actually think running is acceptable is when you might not make it to place the last order for food.

11. And even then by the time you get there, you feel like you need an oxygen mask to be able to breathe properly ever again in life.

12. Friends who put up gym selfies on facebook get BLOCKED. Don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Or feed, in this case.

hate exercise 12

13. Someone once added you to a fitness group. You regularly take screenshots and share them with (like-minded) friends so you can have a laugh!

14. Okay, okay. So you don't hate all forms of exercise. After all, sex is also working out. ;)

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