do not know how to flirt

12 Things You’ll Get If You Just. Don’t. Know. How To Flirt!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

There many, many things you may be good at, but there’s every chance that flirting isn’t one of them! Don’t worry, darling, you’re preaching to the choir here. If we had a penny for each time our flirting skills were an epic fail, let’s just say we’d own a poolside mansion right now. Hey, *some* good should come out of it, right?

1. That moment when you want to sound all smart and funny, but what comes out doesn’t even qualify as words.

I likes, oops, like how you’re looking mean, looks wise.

do not know how to flirt

2. You just don’t get why you can be good at maths and life and yet suck so hard at flirting!

Why, God, whyyy?

do not know how to flirt

3. You wonder if the boy in question knows how hard it is for you!

Get the friggin’ hint and ask me out already.

do not know how to flirt

4. While talking to a guy, you’re mostly unsure if he’s just being nice or was it something else.

Wait, did he just flirt with me? *Has panic attack*

 do not know how to flirt

5. You totally need to check with your bestie if boy in question just flirted.

*Sends screenshot*

 do not know how to flirt

6. You hope against hope that when you meet the right guy, you will magically learn the art of flirting. (Or you won’t need to!)

Hey, a girl can always dream, right?

 do not know how to flirt

7. There are times when the conversation is going relatively well and then you just go and say/ do something really unsexy.

Umm, guilty as charged!

do not know how to flirt

8. You often wonder where everyone else learned to flirt.

Is there a course I can sign up for?

do not know how to flirt

9. Due to your evident lack of flirting skills, you often find yourself having landed in the friend zone.

Worst-place-to-be, amirite?

 do not know how to flirt

10. Not only do you suck at starting the flirting, you pretty much have no clue how to react to someone flirting with you.

*Cue nervous giggle here*

things you will get if you do not know how to flirt

11. Your throat dries up, your palms get sweaty and you’re pretty sure you look like you want to poop!

Super sexy, no?

things you will get if you do not know how to flirt

12. When you feel like you semi-succeeded at flirting, you can’t wipe that silly smile off your face!

You earned it, girl!!

things you will get if you do not know how to flirt

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Published on Oct 29, 2015
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