15 Things You'll Get If You're Taller Than ALL Your Friends!

15 Things You'll Get If You're Taller Than ALL Your Friends!
Just like being tall has its advantages and disadvantages - being the tallest in your group of friends has them too! Here are a few things you'll definitely get if you're the tallest one of your friends!

1. Your head has the tendency of getting chopped off in most group pictures.

2. But at least you never feel the need to wear heels to stand next to your friends.

3. In school, you always had to stand away from your friends, in the last row, for class photos and assemblies.

tallest in your group 3

4. Which in turn, got you closer to all the tall guys, so all your friends would get jealous.

5. In every dance performance, you were made to stand at the back, even if you were a better dancer!

6. But now whenever you guys go for a movie, you never have an issue if the person in front of you is tall!

tallest in your group 6

7. Group hugs are a bit awkward, what with most people just reaching your boobs!

8. You're always made to go get the drinks just because you're the tallest one.

9. On the plus side, you feel kind of cool when you're the only one who doesn't get ID-ed out of all your friends.

tallest in your group 9

10. At your friend's place, you always have to finish your makeup before putting on your heels, or you're unable to see your face in the mirror.

11. Your friends don't even bother calling shotgun anymore, they KNOW that the seat is yours because of your long legs.

12. You can easily threaten all of your besties’ boyfriends because they're very intimidated by your height.

tallest in your group 12

13. This also means you're very used to being the 3rd or the 5th or even the 7th wheel occasionally. Because your friends drag you out to play chaperone cum bouncer when meeting boys they're not perfectly sure of yet.

14. Borrowing your friend's clothes? Never gonna happen. In their dresses, you look like you forgot to wear bottoms.

15. None of your friends can ever keep up with your pace. Your fast walking = them running.

tallest in your group 15

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