"Of Course I'm Right!" 10 Things You'll Get If You're THAT Girl

"Of Course I'm Right!" 10 Things You'll Get If You're THAT Girl
If you’re the kind of girl who has very definite ideas about things (well, everything, really) and you’re not shy about sharing your opinions - and doing what it takes to assert them well and truly, this is something you’ll get. Here are a few things you’ll know to be true if you are an opinionated person!

1. It’s not that you don’t respect other people’s perspectives.

It’s just that you’re aware that what they’re thinking is not as...correct as it should be.

opinionated person

 2. At school, you’ve definitely been called “oversmart” by your teachers

They’d be, like, “Stick to the textbook!” You’d be, like, “No, why?!” You weren’t “oversmart” - just smart.

3. No one’s ever accused you of being easy to convince…

They used to try. A long time ago. Then they...just gave up.

opinionated person

4. Of course, there were some people who didn’t get it, and tried once to bully you.

You gave them a piece of your mind, of course. Till today, they cower when your name shows up on their phone caller ID.

5. You CANNOT resist a fight

Or even a conversation in the background where someone’s saying something you don’t agree with. You have to occupy your mouth with food or something - to keep calm and ignore!

opinionated person

6. There’s been a few times when your friends have hesitated to introduce their new “boys” to you.

But then they did so anyway. They know that even if you have a really strong opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs, you’re not going to shove it down their throats.

7. People at college and work are just a little bit scared of you.

You’re the best person to have on the team when you agree with them, of course. But if you don’t... Good luck to them!

opinionated person

8. And you’ve had some spectacular fights with your partner(s) about stuff!

After all, you’d never be with someone who couldn’t hold their own against you. And when the two of you disagreed that time… SHOWDOWN alert!

9. But you’re pretty great at starting conversations with people

You have an opinion, after all! On - literally - everything!

opinionated person

10. And people are actually envious of how you manage to get through life without being too fussed about what others think about you or your lifestyle!

The cool thing about caring more about your own opinion than that of other people? You can genuinely live life on your own terms - and to hell with the people who disapprove or disagree! You may not do it consciously, but you do actually live by the mantra of “My way or the highway!”

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