29 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Went To Sanawar!

29 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Went To Sanawar!
No matter how old we may be and how far ahead in life we come from our school days, those are days we will always think of fondly! Whether we were constantly on drill for being super naughty or getting scolded for not getting distinction, there wasn't a moment we wish could change. Marching with your house to extra morning PT to getting yelled at by Matron - there are some things you will only get if you’re from Sanawar!

1. Getting out of bed at 6 am, in the freezing cold month of February, to go for Hodson practices was basically third degree torture.

sanawarian 1

2. But come 15th April, you were glad that you actually practised and built all that stamina! Unless of course you ducked and/ or didn’t qualify! :P

3. There was always that one person during PT who was super charged up and excited while everyone else was just simply sleepy and grouchy.

sanawarian 3

4. Getting ready in 20 minutes was no biggie. Not like you really had a choice, though.

5. Brush, wash, *ahem* do your business, and get dressed in 20 minutes or Matron will come yelling and Amaji will lock the dorm!

sanawarian 5

6. Marching to Birdwood every morning for classes meant being greeted by your house mistress/ tutor waiting to check your nails and see if your shirt is tucked in. So what if it's under your cardigan and cannot be seen? It must be tucked in!

7. God be with you if you forgot your assembly book.

8. You had the appetite of three people put together! After breakfast, a little something during milk break, and lunch you still ran to get some grub from the tuck shop!

sanawarian 7

9. Even though it was gone in five minutes, getting your cheque for the week was definitely a great feeling!

10. When people you knew or your parents visited campus, you were super happy. Except it wasn’t because you were seeing them. It was because they were going to bring you food!! Preferably butter chicken and naan from Shaane or Gyaani.

sanawarian 9

11. Baths were a privilege, especially as a junior. So what if you were all sweaty and stinky from all the sports you had played? You were perfectly happy with your non-bathed self wearing the same kit for days!

12. “Sentis” could be anything. From a leaf to a scrunch to something meaningful written at the back of a chocolate wrapper. Whatever it is was, it was special and you had to keep it!

13. Having your name announced in CDH for extra morning PT! Ooops.

sanawarian 11

14. You looked forward to Tuesdays and Saturdays because you got ice cream!

15. Mango season was amazing. You always tried your best to score a few extra from Beraji!

16.No matter how hard your teachers may have tried to prevent “dating”, you always found a spot they couldn’t find! Behind art room, behind the tuck shop, behind the chapel? Basically behind something!

sanawarian 13

17. Being able to talk in your normal voice after the B Singh tournament was a surprise. You cheered so much, your throat had to give in eventually! Although that still didn’t stop you from cheering. *Never Give In*

18. Your house was everything! That was the only reason you tried qualifying in everything, went on stage and played sports you dreaded!

19. Unlike what many people think, Headmaster's List was not exactly a good thing. :P

sanawarian 15

20. You always wanted to be liked by your prefects and other seniors much more than you wanted to be liked by your teachers!

21. Mass PT close to Founder’s made you brush before PT. No matter how many times you deny it, you know you didn’t always brush before normal PT!

sanawarian 17

22. Come September, all you could think about was Founder’s. And tattoo practice was definitely one of your favourite times!

23. Hospi was really not such a bad place. You got to not go for classes, sleep extra and watch TV. You even felt kinda special when your friends visited you after sessions!


24. No matter what anyone might say, you can most definitely adjust with anyone and everyone. You lived with sixty girls and even shared the sink with at least three girls at a time, for god's sake!

25. Birthdays in school were the best! You got to eat cake made from chocolates and cold water, were made to wait on a bed far away while your bed got decorated, got handwritten birthday cards galore and got wished by at least a hundred people!

sanawarian 21

26. Your best friend’s birthday was definitely super special too. You got to eat all the extra leftover chocolates with her after!

27. Lights out basically meant: take out those packets of Maggi and chips and talk about the events of the day. Even though you spent the day doing everything together!

sanawarian 27

28. No matter where in the world you go and how many friends you make, your friends from school will always have their very own special place in your life and in your heart.

29. You will always feel a sense of pride when you sing or hear the school song. And “Never Give In” will forever be your motto!

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