“Zara Bhujiya Laana!” This Is What It’s Like To Grow Up Marwari!

“Zara Bhujiya Laana!” This Is What It’s Like To Grow Up Marwari!
Every friends' circle has at least one Marwari person, don’t you agree? And the whole world goes about calling them “Baniya”, uff! There are certain habits that are wholly and solely Marwari in nature, folks. From our love for colours to our love for food, Marwaris have got it all right! Here are few things that you will totally relate to if you grew up in a Marwari household - and if you didn't, it's still something you can share with all your Marwari friends!

1. Bhujiya and papad - our love for these savories goes beyond anyone’s comprehension. There has to be a reason why Haldiram’s has became so famous, right!

2. We were born with business in our blood. Talk about being enterprising! It just gels well with our instincts.

3. Want to witness the great Indian big fat wedding? it has to be a Marwari one! All the opulence and the colours. You will be awestruck.

4. Even the simple meal that we are served at lunch will have at least 5 different items. We like variety in our food!

5. Financial management gurus. We have pretty much mastered the art of saving money - and we know exactly where to spend that money too!

marwari girl

6. The annual vacation to some foreign destination is something we would never miss. That too with the best deals and offers to squeeze the most out of this experience.

7. At any family function, it is a delight to see all the colourful attire and the shiny jewellery. We come from Rajasthan, you see!

marwari girl

8. Every Marwari has adopted the Kolkata Hindi. “Hum ko nahi jaana hain.” Makes us feel at home!

9. Yes, the love for desi ghee. Everyone knows how rich the food tastes because of that. You love it too!

10. Talking about relatives, you would even land up going for your third cousin’s brother-in-law's wedding, because that’s how closely knit your family is!

11. We are winners when it comes to dressing up. Saree or a heavy duty legendary. Nailed it! The little black dress. Spot on! It comes easy...

12. The house is always stacked up with mithai. And a lot of that too.

marwari girl

13. Family values and traditions are deeply embedded in us and that shows in the way we talk.

14. Knowing a bit of Marwari is vital to your communication with your grandparents and they insist on you learning the language!

15. Travelling in trains - we have a special menu for those journeys. Aloo-Puri, Achar in disposable dabbas! We’ve planned it all!

16. You have definitely been to either of the religious places (dhams) for a holiday with your full family!

marwari girl

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