Business Ka Keeda! 11 Things You'll Get If You're A Baniya Girl

Business Ka Keeda! 11 Things You'll Get If You're A Baniya Girl
To Ms Aggarwal/ Gupta/ Garg/ Mittal/ Bansal and every other woman who’s born in the baniya biraadari - here are 11 things we’re sure you will get about being a baniya!

1. You have grown up hearing ‘save, save, save’

And now you can’t help saving all your bills, calculating and recalculating any losses, bargaining for every little thing and always getting yourself a great deal! #Proud

baniya girl

2. And that you must keep the tradition of your community alive!

Customs like marrying within the same caste, keeping away from non-veg (for as long as you can) and saving money (as much as you can) are the pillars of virtue that every baniya needs to abide by. 

3. Ghee is your family pride

And ladoos, pakores and pooris soaked in them are all time fav treats. Plus showing off that growing tummy … that’s just khaate-peete khandaan ki nishaani!

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4. Your friends expect you to be loaded with cash

And you are SO tired of telling them that you’re just as broke as them! “My dad’s rich, guys, not me!”

5. But they still don’t miss any opportunity to call you a ‘miser’

Even after all those free treats? Some stereotypes never lose hold!

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6. You get to be a part of the most grand weddings in town!

It’s an unsaid baniya rule - shaadis HAVE to be grand. All that wealth you store up in life, what better stage to flaunt it at than on your beti ki shaadi?

7. You kinda know that there are high chances you’ll marry a baniya too

‘Coz your relatives will just not have it any other way, making sure that as soon as you hit 22 - they find a suitable baniya groom for you!

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8. You just hope your husband is not the ‘stereotype’ baniya guy though

The ‘stereotype’ baniya boy being a total mumma’s boy - and your friends just can’t keep from teasing you about it.

9. Meanwhile many people in your family are trying to trying to crack CA or IAS

Well, what better use to put to that love for balance sheets and profit and loss statements, right?

baniya girl

10. You know your brother is going to end up in the family business

And why wouldn’t he? He’s been trained to join the family business for as long as you can remember! Plus it’s rewarding - but until then, he can chill!

11. Even though you feel you have the ‘biziness keeda’ in you too

It’s in your genes! You know you can kick a profitable business just like those other baniyas - the Ambanis, Mittals, Azim Premji and Kumar Mangalam Birla! We’re a brainy lot and we sure know how to put it to good use.

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