7 Things I’ll Never Regret Spending Money On (Even If I’m Broke)

7 Things I’ll Never Regret Spending Money On (Even If I’m Broke)
Yes, we are not all that rich, and some of us are positively broke most of the time. And though money can’t buy you happiness and all that, sometimes it can buy us some armour to deal with the daily battle of life. Here are a few things that I do spend money on - a bit more than I can comfortably afford - but I refuse to regret it. (What’s your list?)

1. A home that I love

My home has to be my happy place. It has to be a place where I'm cosy, comfortable - something that I look forward to at the end of the day. Even if the rent is just a bit high, and leaves me with no money to go drinking with my friends.

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2. Food!

Food is not just for eating - it's for bringing peace to my soul when I'm tired and need an easy, effortless pick-me-up. So NO regrets.

3. That vacation I've been dreaming about

My tickets are booked, and I'm setting out on my adventure. It's all right - I'll find a way to earn back the money I'm spending!

4. That dress that makes me feel amazing

Yes, it might be impractical and something I can't wear every day - maybe not even every week. But when I slip it on, I feel like a queen. It's worth it. I'm worth it.

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5. Books, music, movies, stationery - whatever I’m passionate about

For me it’s books, and beautiful notepaper that I rarely use but which inspires me to write. They’re as essential to my emotional well-being as eating and exercise is for my health. So. :-)

6. Everything that I do on a “just me” day

Because there are some days when you just need to give yourself space and pamper yourself to be able to deal with life and the world. Whether it’s a massage, a movie marathon at the mall or just the fanciest meal I can possibly buy myself - those days are days “out of budget”.

7. Indulging someone I love

Whether it's my bestie, my boyfriend or my parents - they deserve to be pampered by me. And it makes me as happy as it makes them.

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