11 Reasons Every Girl NEEDS A Punjabi Bestie!!

11 Reasons Every Girl NEEDS A Punjabi Bestie!!
Punjabis are a class apart - if not for their positive outlook on life then for their exceptional talent of always finding a silver lining! They have moves better than Michael Jackson and they aren't afraid to show them. And it doesn't stop there! Here's why every girl needs a Punjabi bestie in her life!

1. You'll never, never, EVER get better food that at their houses!

Paranthas, makkhan, butter chicken, YUM!

punjabi best friend

2. They're easily the best people to cheer you up when you're feeling low.

No one has more energy and enthusiasm than them!

3. You will forever be entertained!

Either by their day to day drama or by their random melodramatic performances!

punjabi best friend

4. They're always there to remind you of the lyrics when you forget a line or two.

Which makes them the perfect one to party it up with.

5. They have an insane capacity for alcohol.

So you KNOW that they'll take care of you when you're about to pass out and they're calling for more shots.

punjabi best friend

6. Their ghar ki shaadis are EPIC!

From the dhol that follows you from start to finish to the array of delicious food that people force-feed you!

7. They are family people.

So your parents automatically adore them for being super well-mannered and friendly!

punjabi best friend

8. Having a party at their place is too easy.

Because the more the merrier they say! Their family members might even join in!

9. They've got your back - no questions asked!

They don't really require details - if a boy broke your heart, they'll break his face without a second thought!

punjabi best friend

10. The can make just about anybody laugh!

If not by their jokes, just by their expressions! Their laughter and happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious!

11. No one will love you like they can!

Punjabis have a way of loving that's incomparable and everyone should have besties who love them like that!

punjabi best friend

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