10 Things No Girl Should Be Embarrassed About Saying!

10 Things No Girl Should Be Embarrassed About Saying!
Do you know how women are suppressed in our modern times? By being expected to act in a ‘ladylike’ way and not being ‘allowed’ to say a few things that may offend others. How absurd, right? Well, this post is to our freedom of expression, and here are 10 things women should NOT shy away from saying out loud if they want to…

1. “I look great”

What Society Thinks: You are vain, with lots of ‘attitude’, ‘coz seriously who admires herself in other people’s faces like that??

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because you know only a fool will confuse a woman’s confidence with vanity, and you really don’t need to justify your love for yourself to anyone else.

things women should not say

2. “I've gotta go change my pad” (especially in mixed company)

What Society Thinks: You are vulgar and crude with a serious lack of proper manners.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because it’s a natural bodily function that EVERY woman goes through, and you don’t need to excuse yourself on some other pretext just to not ‘disturb’ someone else’s sense of decorum.

3. “I don’t want to have kids!”

What Society Thinks: Crazy workaholic, with her priorities not set straight!

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Simply because it is your life, and having or not having kids is a decision that only you and your husband should arrive at together. Plus why should you be judged for voicing your opinion, if your partner isn’t when he says the same? A man can emotionally or financially not be ready for a child  - but a woman, must, at all times have the baby fever??

things women should not say

4. “I find that offensive and sexist!”

What Society Thinks: Oh god! These feminists and their gender equality nonsense. Can’t even take a joke.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because you need not laugh along with anything that offends you, only so that the offender doesn’t get offended!

5. “I farted/ pooped…”

What Society Thinks: Oh God, where are all her manners?

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because your manners have nothing to do with your primary body functions that you have in common with the entire human race! Plus, don’t men and kids make potty jokes all the time? How did it become such a bad word when uttered by a ‘lady’?

things women should not say

6. “I am not satisfied”

What  Society Thinks: You’re greedy and selfish and over-ambitious, and those aren’t the traits of a “good” woman

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because there is no such thing as over-ambition, or even a ‘good’ woman. You just have high standards, and not everybody can match them - and that’s what makes all the difference, really.

7. “I’m jealous”

What Society Thinks: You’re a negative person who can’t revel in other people’s success

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because you have plans and dreams for yourself and it’s nobody’s business to judge you about them. If you're jealous, that's fine. As long as you're not trying to hurt someone else or allowing negativity to overwhelm you, this isn't something you should feel ashamed or embarrassed about.

7 things women should not say

8. “This is how much money I make/ should be making”

What Society Thinks: You’re greedy and flaunting your wealth

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Because, hey, it’s your financial worth in the market, and that’s closely linked to an individual’s worth, and so it’s okay to discuss it if you want and not hush it up.

9. “I have/ don't have sex”

What Society Thinks: Either you casually sleep around and have a ‘questionable’ character, or that you’re a loner whom no one is attracted to.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Sexual activity really is an individual choice, and who cares what people think about your private actions in the bedroom?! None. Of. Their. Business.

things women should not say

10. “I am Bisexual/ Gay/ Lesbian”

What Society Thinks: You’re “abnormal”, and your parents need to have stricter control over you.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: They’re narrow minded and have trouble accepting different human preferences, and making them happy is not your job. Your life, your choices.

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