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11 Things I Actually Miss About Being In A Relationship!

11 Things I Actually Miss About Being In A Relationship!
A breakup is tough, sure. And it hurts, and you miss the (former) boyfriend and all of that. But it's more than missing a person... Being in a relationship can get to be a habit-forming thing. Beyond the heartache lie those other things - tiny little comforts about being in a relationship that you miss so much. Here's my list!

1. Not worrying about getting home late at night

Because, well, boyfriends are very good for feeling safe and secure when heading home after a party. Even if they’re just keeping you company on the phone.

miss about relationship 1

2. Not having to make plans for dinner if I don’t want to eat alone

It’s just SO much easier to just call someone who’s really into you and say, “Tired, feeeeed me!”

3. The convenience and comfort of regular sex

Because all the time and effort needed to get laid (without chancing upon a creep or catching a disease) is, frankly, exhausting.

miss about relationship 3

4. Being able to bully someone at will (and who’s actually willing too)

All those crappy movies I like to watch, and cuddle while watching… My cushion ain’t hugging me back, folks.

5. Having someone to spoil!

Let’s face it: even one’s best friend is going to be a bit weirded out if one buys her gifts every week. Or offers her an affectionate back rub.

miss about relationship 5


6. Holding hands

It’s sweet, it’s comforting, and it feels like there’s an “us” against the world, not just a “me”.

7. Just the fact of sharing….

It’s nice, you know, to be able to tell someone stuff, and knowing that they’re sharing their deepest desires, their dreams and ambitions with you. It’s lovely.

miss about relationship 7


8. Sexting!

Hey, sometimes I WANT to say mildly lecherous stuff to a boy. Just to keep in practice, you know.

9. Warding off unwanted advances easily

It’s SO convenient when you can just say “I have a boyfriend, not interested” and you don’t have to make up stuff about an imaginary partner.

miss about relationship 9


10. Occasionally playing damsel in distress

Hey, I’m an independent woman and all, but I DO like to be able to whine to someone about having to deal with the plumber and the electrician and the world in general once in a while - and would love to be rescued from my problems for at least a few hours.

11. Snuggling while I sleep

I like a warm body in bed with me. To be my makeshift cuddle pillow, and my good morning kiss. There, I said it.

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