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13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have A Funny Laugh!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have A Funny Laugh!
So what if you have a weird laugh?! You're more adorable than the ones who don't and you're convinced of that. Have you seen the smile on people's faces when they see you laugh?! It's amazing and no one can convince you otherwise (even though sometimes you can barely breathe!). Here are some things only people with a funny laugh will get!

1. People are always a bit taken aback when they hear you laugh.

But only for the first few times. Then they more or less recognize you by it.

2. Then they proceed to forget the actual joke.

And start laughing at your laugh.

funny laugh 2

3. You usually don't care when this happens.

Considering your laughter is basically uncontrollable by this point.

4. When you laugh in front of your friends, they tend to reach for their phones.

Just so that they can get a recording of you.

funny laugh 4

5. On more than one occasion such recordings have been made.

And then been used to blackmail you with.

6. Comedy movies in the theatre can get a bit awkward.  

What with people watching you more than the screen.

funny laugh 6

7. Strangers have asked you if you're all right when you laugh.

Because sometimes it sounds like you're having a seizure.

8. When someone cracks a joke that you don't find funny?

They'll try imitating your laugh just for the heck of it.

funny laugh 8

9. People often think that your laugh is fake and that you just crave attention.

You, of course, just laugh at them.

10. When you start laughing at a completely inappropriate moment, you try to suppress it.

Which results in your body shaking as if you were the washing machine on the spin cycle.

funny laugh 10

11. When you meet someone with a funnier laugh than you? BFF!

You end up with a stomachache because you both keep laughing at each other. The cycle is, literally, never-ending.

12. You bring life to awkward situations just by laughing once.

"Look at ME, guys, I'm so hilarious that my laugh can make you laugh!"

funny laugh 12

13. It's the perfect icebreaker with your crush.

If he can live with your laugh, he can live with anything. #Soulmate

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