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#HeSays: This Is Why Your Guy Thinks You’re Perfect!

#HeSays: This Is Why Your Guy Thinks You’re Perfect!
Take it from a guy - an amazing figure and gorgeous face may get a man’s attention but it’s the little things about you, your quirks and unique attributes that make him want to be with you for keeps. Here are a few things guys find perfect about their girlfriends.

1. Your Goofy Side

things guys love about girls

You know when you’re just yourself around us and aren’t self-conscious. When you do your Rakhi Sawant impression or dance like a total goofball to make us laugh. You have no idea how cute you are … much cuter than if you’re actually trying to impress us.

2. The Fact That You’re Right More Often Than We Admit

Guys hate to admit it but (some!) women have a knack for being right. Be it in a fight or when you advise us not to do something but we did it anyway, we often know should have listened to you.

3. You’re Beautiful Without Makeup

things guys love about girls

Ladies, your boyfriends must have told you that you do look so much better without makeup on! We think girls must be putting in all that effort to impress other girls, because we love you just as much with no makeup on, in your sweats and with your hair wild and free. That’s when you’re at your sexiest, when you look like the natural you!

4. The Small Dramas In Your Life

The way you squeal at the smallest of things, how flustered you get when we tease you, how pissed off you get when a guy hurts your best friend … you make sure our life is anything but boring. Seriously, we could watch you and your many moods all day - unless they’re directed against us :-P

5. You Don’t Judge Us

things guys love about girls

You don’t think less of us if we don’t shower straight after playing cricket or football or if we don’t call our parents as often as we should. We’re not always easy to live with and we’re anything but perfect but you still manage to love us without judgment.

6. You Smell Amazing

From your hair to your skin, we don’t know how but you smell mesmerizing always. And no, not when you spritz your fave perfume on from head to toe, but just the way you smell always ... it drives us wild.

7. You Give The Best Hugs

things guys love about girls

The fact that you’re always there at the end of a long day, when things aren’t going right or even when they are! Not to sound corny but you do give the warmest hugs and you really help make things seem better than they are. We enjoy cuddling just as much as you do – there, we admitted it!

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