Love Aaj Kal? Truths About Love To Learn From Our Grandparents!

Love Aaj Kal? Truths About Love To Learn From Our Grandparents!
There are a lot of things we could learn from our grandparents. But if there's ONE thing we ought to look up to their generation for, it would be the way they love! Unconditional, selfless, loyal love! Here are a few things about love we could learn from them!

1. You don’t give up on someone you love when the going gets tough

Our grandparents stuck by each other even when things were tough. When things didn’t go as planned. When circumstances changed. When the going gets tough, one ought to be more supportive of their partner than ever before!

old fashioned love

2. People make mistakes - forgive and forget the ones you can

Some mistakes are hard to forget, but other small, petty ones that one makes here and there should be forgiven! There are plenty of hurdles that come along the way when you decide to spend forever with someone. They are human and will make mistakes. Have a heart big enough to actually let go of and forget the small ones!

3. You don’t need “space” to be happy together

Holding each other’s hand when you’re upset or angry will only make you feel better, not worse. If this is the person you want to be with, keeping them at a distance isn’t going to make your life better. Our grandparents went through everything together and only came out of it stronger!

old fashioned love

4. Patience and perseverance is everything

Our grandparents have been together for years and years not because they never had any problems with each other, but because they had immense patience, love and perseverance. They didn’t think of leaving each other when they disagreed. They may have fought, but they fought to find a solution.  

5. Things are as simple as you make them

They didn’t think of how different they were as people or how they wanted different things from life. They knew they wanted to be with each other and that was all that mattered. It was as simple as that! None of that “It’s complicated” stuff.

old fashioned love

6. Nothing is as important as loyalty

Whether it is supporting your partner in an argument against ten people, even when you secretly know they may be wrong, or defending them when they are not around. Loyalty didn’t and doesn’t just mean “not flirting” with another person. It means a lot more. It means being true to your companion at all times!

7. True companionship

Even after decades of being married, they are not bored of each other. They don’t need a change. That is an enviable quality their generation possesses. They are truly happy with the one person they are and have been in love with for years!

old fashioned love

8. It’s okay to sometimes put your partner before yourself!

Yes, modern day mantras teach us to love ourselves before we love anyone else. And fair enough, we must love and care for ourselves. That is important. But there are times in life when your partner may need you and your love more than you need it! Extend it to them. Unconditional, selfless love. That is what we ought to learn from our grandparents.

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