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Ultimate Bra Secrets For The Petite Girl!

Ultimate Bra Secrets For The Petite Girl!
This one’s for all those super-petite girls out there who are struggling with finding that perfect bra, and for those of you who are at the beginning of your lingerie saga! We understand it can be quite a task to find something that fits you just right, given the seemingly limited options, and of course it’s not easy getting all those pesky questions that you have in mind answered either! Throw away those woes, for we are here to help you find the right the kind of bra for that lovely frame you have.

1. You NEED That Support!

Show your breasts some love now to avoid uncontrollable problems in the future. Breasts (all sizes) start sagging after a certain age and giving them good attention and support now will keep this at bay. Besides, when you are wearing that dress, it is important that you feel satisfied with the whole silhouette, a light padded bra will only enhance the shape.

bra guide for petite girls

2. Measure in the right way!

It’s supremely important to measure the breasts correctly. (Do this once in a year at least.)The wrong size should not lead to any major changes in the shape of your breasts.. The best way to measure is by going around under the bust over your ribcage to find the correct band size and around the apex (nipples) to find the cup size. Read this for more details on measuring yourself perfectly at home.

3. All About The Cups

As the cup sizes are relative to the band size, it does get a bit confusing! We know finding a 32“B” size is not that difficult, though you might actually fit better into a 30“C” , so don’t be surprised. Finding a cup that doesn’t wrinkle around the nipples (if it’s too small) or gape from the  top (if it’s too large) is something that you should notice carefully while trying out a few bras. Sizes keep changing, so make sure you are wearing the appropriate one!

bra guide for petite girls

4. The Fit Is Super Crucial

It is speculated that a majority of the women land up wearing the wrong bra - even if the size is right!! Getting the band width absolutely right is of primary importance, it should not be too loose or too tight. When you’re wearing your bra, comfortably hooked, pull at the band - it should not stretch more than 2 inches. Anything above or below might not be the best choice. If the underwire bra doesn’t sit in the right place, this will lead to your breasts being pushed into your underarm area. You need to protect your bosoms, girls!

5. Keep Changing Your Bras

Ensure you have the best fitting bras in your cupboard. If it doesn’t fit you like it used to then please toss them away. The bras start losing elasticity with time and wearing a bra in that state is not the best idea. If the cup is losing shape and the underwire is poking into your skin, these are signs that that bra needs to be removed from your collection immediately. We don’t want the little ladies to feel ignored - or injured!

bra guide for petite girls

6. Don’t Stop Till You Find the Right Size

Do not compromise on the exact size that you are looking for. Raise your concern! If there is a special size that you want, give customer feedback to the store or the brand - because if it’s not obtainable, that surely is a major gap in the market. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wearing the wrong bra size. Some online websites have sizes starting at 28, so look out for them. Try these sites: Zivame, PrettySecrets or Jabong.They have a great variety of bras in smaller sizes!  

7. The Best Bra For You!

Go for bra straps that are shorter and are adjustable as per your torso. Balconette bras that have shorter underwires that do not poke into the skin are good options too. Avoid heavily padded bras as they ride up from behind and do not look flattering under your clothes. If you like a bit of light padding that defines your shape well, go for a moulded underwire bra. It lifts the breasts and also gives a desirable form. Also, stay away from bandeaus as they offer no shape or support.

bra guide for petite girls

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