Chevron? Aztec? Houndstooth?! WHAT Are People Talking About?!

Chevron? Aztec? Houndstooth?! WHAT Are People Talking About?!
There is no denying how much we love prints. And there is also no denying that our knowledge about the same is probably the size of a peanut. Sure, there are few of us who do know all about the umpteenth number of designs and prints out here...but most of us do not. For all we know, we end up describing the print in detail and not remembering the exact name of one. Never be stuck in a style rut or be spaced out when you hear someone say Chevron, Houndstooth or Aztec...stiffen up that upper lip and say “I know!”. Here are the oh-so-common fashion prints you should know about!

1. Chevron

Types of fashion prints 1

If you see zig-zag lines and or parallel lines played up to form a pattern - it is Chevron. Chevron is like stripes, but more eye catching.

POPxo Loves: Chevron Print Maxi Dress on Zivame

2. Ikat

Types of fashion prints 2

Ikat is traditionally a weaving method, but has been commonly used to describe the print as well. They are more traditional in their appearance and are rich in color.

POPxo Loves: Ikat Print Skirt on Koovs

3. Paisley

Types of fashion prints 5

Curved, droplet shaped colorful designs having Indian or Persian origin. A very common design in Indian wear.

POPxo Loves: Paisley Print Pencil Dress on Koovs

4.Tie and Dye/ Batik

Types of different prints 4

This is another dying technique that has evolved as a major fashion print. Colorful colour splashes and blotches that look great on a t-shirt or a dress

POPxo Loves: Tie And Dye Separates on Koovs

5. Houndstooth

Types of fashion prints 5

Houndstooth is also a fabric weaving method, but its popularity rose and made its way to one of the most popular prints we have today. The pattern is seen on t-shirts, bags and even household items.

POPxo Loves: Houndstooth Printed Leggings on Koovs


Types of fashion prints 6

Graphics prints include a certain identity like a logo or poster or even a photograph. It can also be text based or have quirky prints of cartoons.

POPxo Loves: Graphic Tee on Koovs

7. Aztec

Types of fashion prints 7

Also known as “Tribal prints”. Colorful zigzag patterns mixed with other geometrical patterns such as circles and squares, it looks amazing in everything.

POPxo Loves: Aztec Cropped Top on Koovs

8. Abstract

Types of fashion print 8

Prints that use a mixture of various shapes, lines and colors to create a solid bold design are known as abstract prints. These prints do have have a particular shape or pattern flow.

POPxo Loves: Abstract Dress on Jabong

9. Geometric

Types of fashion prints  9

As the name itself suggest, this print is derived from geometrical shapes such as triangles and squares. The print is always more aligned and follows a particular symmetry in their design.

POPxo Loves: Geometric Maxi Blouse on Koovs

10. Patchwork

Types of fashion prints 10


These prints that is a fusion of various other prints in the form of patches. Currently one of the prints doing major fashion rounds around the world.

POPxo Loves: Patchwork Print Dress On Koovs
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