The BEST Eyeliner Styles For Your Eye Shape!

The BEST Eyeliner Styles For Your Eye Shape!


Ladies, we all know how the simple swipe of an eyeliner can make all the difference to your look, but what if it’s not doing enough? A straight line across your lids can never be wrong, but it may not be the best technique for your eye shape. Yes, the shape of your eyes can make all the difference it’s funny how we’ve never even thought about it in all these years of lining our peepers. Learn how to accentuate your eyes best by following these eyeliner ideas on applying eyeliner for your eye shape. If you’ve ever wondered why your friend’s black-rimmed eyes look more gorgeous than yours, this could be the reason why.


1. Eyeliner Ideas For Close-Set Eyes


The trick with close-set eyes is to make them appear more wide apart. Best eyeliner styles for such eyes can be achieved by brightening up the inner corners (so they look further apart) with some shimmer. Shimmery eye shadow in white or champagne or even a nude liner with a bit of sheen like Makeup Revolution Nude Eye Brightener (Rs 750) is perfect to apply in the tear duct area. Then line three-fourths of your lash line till the outer corner to help elongate your eyes. Wings are amazing for this eye shape to draw attention to the outer edges of your eyes. Try a double wing for double the effect if you’re feeling extra bold.

2. Eyeliner Ideas For Almond Eyes


You have gorgeous, symmetric eyes that suit practically any eyeliner technique. Accentuate your eye shape by following eyeliner ideas like lining the top and lower lids. On the upper lid, thicken your line as you reach the outer edge. Then, smudge the outer corners of your upper and lower line for a super sultry effect. A soft kohl pencil works best for this - we love Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal (Rs 725) thanks to its in-built smudger.

3. Eyeliner Ideas For Wide Set Eyes


You have to try to lessen the gap between your eyes by running an eyeliner on your eye shape. So line your eyes but don’t extend it beyond the outer corner, as this will make them look even wider apart. Make sure the line is of even thickness throughout. If you do want to try something fun, then small flicks upwards rather than dramatic wings will look super pretty with your eyes. Smudge your kajal along the bottom for a sexy party look.

4. Eyeliner Ideas For Round Eyes


You have big beautiful eyes! Make them even more striking by opting for best eyeliner styles like thick wings that will help elongate them. Line three-fourths of your eyes on the top and bottom to help them look more almond-shaped, then extend the line beyond the outer corner for pretty wings. The key is to extend it towards the end of your brows and not with upward flicks. A dark, liquid liner will help make this look even more stunning. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner (Rs 225) is a fantastic pick.

5. Eyeliner Ideas For Small Eyes


The simplest trick for you is to focus on adding length and drama to your lashes to make your peepers pop. Curl them before swiping on the mascara to really make them open up your eyes. Then, line your upper lids and try and stick as close to your lash line as possible. Liner on the top as well as the bottom will only make them appear smaller, so avoid that.

6. Eyeliner Ideas For Hooded Eyes


Pretty hooded eyes are characterized by a fold in the skin, which means they have smaller lids compared to others. To give the illusion of more open eyes, “less is more” is the rule to follow when it comes to your eyeliner for eye shape. Apply eyeliner only on the line, since you have limited lid-space. This will help open up your eyes. You can use some shimmery eyeshadow in the tear duct area to open up your peepers even further. Wings and flicks at the other corners look incredibly sexy with this eye shape.   

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