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How To Get The Smoky Eye Look JUST Right!

How To Get The Smoky Eye Look JUST Right!
With the wedding season coming up, all of us having started working on our checklists! Clothes, shoes, jewellery… and makeup, of course! We love trying out some different makeup looks at shaadis as that's the one place we can go absolutely all out! So here's a smokey eye tutorial for you to try out - you'll be ready to dazzle in just a few easy steps!

Difficulty Level: As easy as brushing your teeth!

What You Will Need: Black Eye Shadow Powder, Eyeshadow Kit, Brushes, Gel Eyeliner, Mascara, White Eyeshadow, Gold Pigment, Kajal Pencil

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Step 1: Apply some white eye shadow on your eyebrow bone for a base.

Step 2: Use a medium brown eyeshadow as a transition shade and apply it on the crease of your eyelid.

Step 3: Now use a kajal pencil and draw over the same crease or just slightly below it. Start blending this line using a hint of black eye shadow.

Step 4: Apply some white eye shadow to your lower eyelid to clean up your lower definition.

Step 5: Next, apply gel eyeliner and don't worry about being super accurate. The flaws will get blended!

Step 6: Use your blending brush and some black eyeshadow and start carefully blending your eyeliner.

Step 7: Using the same brush, blend slightly across your lower lid as well.

Step 8: Use your favorite (or matching!) pigment to finish up your festive look. A touch of mascara and you're good to go!

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