things that make us smile

10 Little Things That Make Life AWESOME!

Apurva Lama

Guest Contributor

Life is not made up of big duties and grand gestures, but of the little things - a random act of kindness from a stranger or finding a pair of old jeans that fit perfectly. Small things that add up to make our day or our lives better without us even realizing it! And they come and go so fast that we often fail to take notice and enjoy them. Triggering a happy feeling and wiping that frown off of our faces, here are ten things that make us smile and make our lives beautiful:

1. Taking the first hot shower of the year

Getting to finally take a nice shower with running hot water and doodling on the bathroom mirror fogged with steam. No better way to welcome winter, is there?

things that makes us smile

2. Finding money when you’re broke

When you fish out an old pair of jeans from the back of your cupboard and find money in one of the pockets. “Thank you, universe! And my past self!”

3. Getting a surprise gift from someone

That moment of absolute happiness and excitement when someone presents you with that cute, kitschy bag you were eyeing for so long!

things that makes us smile

Image: Chumbak

4. Listening to the sound of rain on the roof

There is something undeniably calming about listening to the pouring rain on the roof. Whether you’re sleeping, studying or simply relaxing...nothing beats the sweet sound of rain.

5. Walking barefoot on fresh grass or the beach

Those rare instances when we hit the park and walk barefoot with crisp grass under our feet. The same way the sand feels when it runs between our toes on the beach. Just thinking about that reminds us of one of those happy carefree days and we can’t wait to do it again!

things that make us smile


6. Getting into a bed with freshly changed sheets

Ah, heaven! Nothing like sinking into a bed with clean and crisp sheets after a long day. The faint smell of detergent and the lingering crispness of the sun...DIVINE!

7. Finding the perfect dress when you’re not even looking to buy one

When you’re casually hitting the mall or browsing online and the cutest dress catches your eye. And you grab the last one your size! “Someone up there must really like me....”

things that makes us smile

Image: Chumbak

8. Getting honest appreciation for something you did

Whether it’s your job or your cooking or you working sure does feel great to be noticed and appreciated for all the hard work you’ve put into making something happen.

9. Putting your hands into a bag of uncooked rice

Yes, we’ve all done this. We don’t know why we do it but we do know we absolutely love it. Something about the way the cold grains of rice slipping off of your fingers triggers a happy childhood memory!

things that makes us smile

10. Seeing someone else’s smile and knowing you put it there

Nothing feels better than being the reason behind someone else’s happiness and smile. Whether it’s giving them a compliment or simply calling them up to ask how they are doing- the feeling of seeing smile because of you? Priceless.

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Published on Oct 09, 2015
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