Get That Super Toned Body With These 7 Yoga Poses!

Get That Super Toned Body With These 7 Yoga Poses!
Wouldn’t it be convenient to have just one type of exercise to tone the entire body? Well, yoga is the answer to it! In fact, there is nothing about yoga we don’t love. Yoga improves flexibility, boosts immunity, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage breakdown, increases blood flow, calms your mind, and relaxes your system. Make yoga your regular activity and you’re on the road to good health! Here are 7 simple yoga poses for toning your whole body that'll have you in super shape in very short order!

1. Try The Child’s Pose

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This position is fun and super simple to do. It mentally, emotionally and spiritually relaxes you, plus it targets the back, shoulders and chest. It also releases tension from these areas. Last but not the least, it normalizes blood circulation and stretches the spin,e which indirectly improves posture.

Step 1 - On a yoga mat, gently kneel and lay your torso down between your thighs.

Step 2 - Now, slowly extend your arms forward making sure that your palms are facing the floor.

Step 3 - Stay in that position for a minute or two while taking deep breaths.

Step 4 - Get back to initial position and repeat!

2. Have You Tried The Plank Pose Yet?

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The plank pose has many benefits to it! While it strengthens your core, it also tones your belly, reduces back pain, improves flexibility, sculpts calf muscle and improves your mood! Like all things take time to perfect, you must do this every day to build stamina and balance.

Step 1 - Start by placing your body in a push-up position.

Step 2 - Keep your shoulders firm, tighten your tummy muscles, chest relaxed, your spine erect and back straight.

Step 3 - Hold this exact position for 30 seconds or more.

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3. Give The Upward-Facing Dog A Shot!

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If you are someone who tends to slouch, this position will do you good. It strengthens and tones arm muscles, improves posture, and aids balance. When doing this exercise, make sure your mind is blank and only focus on nailing the position.

Step 1 - Place your body in a plank position and stretch your legs keeping them pinned to the floor.

Step 2 - Now, inhale and lift your upper body up.

Step 3 - While doing this, focus on straightening your back and placing your hands firmly to the ground.

Step 4 - Look straight into the ceiling and hold that position for about 20-30 seconds.

4. The Classic Tree Pose

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The tree pose is a fabulous yoga technique for maintaining balance, toning leg and arm muscles. It also strengthens the core and is extremely meditative too. Mind you, not anyone can master this exercise in a jiffy, you perfect it over time and with patience.

Step 1 - Stand by placing your feet a little away from each other.

Step 2 - Breath for half a minute, and bend your left knee by placing it on your right inner thigh.

Step 3 - Once you’re in a stable position, fold your hands in a prayer position.

Step 4 - After perfecting that position, slowly stretch your arms above your head, and keeping your gaze straight and not shifted.

Step 5 - Hold that balance for as long as possible.

Step 6 - Repeat the same exercise using your right leg now.

5. Introducing The Bridge Pose

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The bridge pose is quite different from other poses. It’s an exercise that makes your mind and body alert. It stretches back muscles, burns cellulite on the thighs, improves your body’s flexibility and strengthens the muscles on your arms.

Step 1 - Lie flat on a yoga mat, and bend your knees.

Step 2 - Lift your body up using the strength of your arms. (The position has to look like an inverted ‘C’)

Step 3 - By lifting your upper back, torso and pelvis, you will notice that the weight is on your shoulders and feet.

Step 4 - Hold that position for about 10-20 seconds and get back to initial position of lying on the floor.

6. Spinal Twist To The Rescue!

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The more twists you do, the more flexible you become! This yoga exercise may look tough to do, but it’s actually quite simple & soothing. It helps massage the organs of the abdomen, calms your nervous system, improves metabolism and helps push stagnant toxins out from your liver, kidneys and spleen.

Step 1 - Sit straight and keep your legs stretched.

Step 2 - Fold your left foot, and cross your right leg over the thigh.

Step 3 - Take a deep breath and place your right hand over your left knee.

Step 4 - Gently turn your body to the right or vice versa.

Step 5 - Hold this position for 1 whole minute and move to the next leg.

7. Get Your Warrior Mode On!

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This is a full body exercise, and it’s something you should master ASAP! It not only strengthens your arms, legs, and back muscles, it also increases stamina. Not to mention how it does a fabulous job at fighting stress!

Step 1 - Stand with your feet wide apart.

Step 2 - Place your right foot in front and your left leg behind.

Step 3 - Now, gently bend your right leg into a 90 degree angle while keeping your back leg straight.

Step 4 - Extend your arms to your shoulder’s level.

Step 5 - Maintain the position for 20-30 seconds and switch sides after

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