Yes, You’re A Confident Girl! 10 Signs That Say So…

Yes, You’re A Confident Girl! 10 Signs That Say So…
So firstly, we totally believe Mariah Carey when she says that a hero lies in us (please hear this uplifting song, if you haven’t yet). And secondly, girl, you were born to shine. The thing with confidence is – practice makes perfect! We are so certain you’ve got what it takes and are totally a super confident woman (even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes). Want proof? Here you go, darling!

1. You have a fair understanding of your strengths and weaknesses

We all have our talents and our shortcomings – that’s what makes us human. But a confident girl knows where she stands and works on the areas that need improvement.

2 - signs you are confident

2. You are calm during interviews

Even if you feel like a nervous wreck (which is totally normal), if you are confident and can answer questions, it means you are doing a good job. Give yourself some credit!

1 signs you are confident

3. You take your chances

A confident girl knows that life doesn’t come served on a platter. You have in the past taken some leaps of faith, and they’ve paid off...haven’t they?

3 signs you are confident

4. You are a brand in yourself

We all have off days - the kind where you want to vegetate, stay under the duvet and watch reruns of FRIENDS. And that’s totally okay! On other days, you are known by your friends and family (and Twitter followers) as the funny girl or the fashionista or the artsy diva! Yes, you should be feeling good right now; because believe it or are already a brand!

4 signs you are confident

5. You can pay a compliment

You don’t live under the misconception that you are the only beautiful or smart girl around! You are totally capable of complimenting your friends or even a stranger. Know that this is one of the most tell-tale signs of a confident person – that they can see the good in others!

5 signs you are confident

6. You have survived a lot of things

A horrible haircut, a bad breakup, an internship from hell...the list is quite long, no? If you survived those things and you are left with your dignity intact, we are pretty certain you are a fighter-goddess-warrior-princess! How’s that for confidence?

6 - signs you are confident

7. You can very well mind your own business

There’s this misconception that people have about confidence. It doesn’t mean you are the loudest or most talkative person in the room; trust us! In fact, confident people are those who can put their heads down and stay determined. This trait is just not talked about enough but is so treasured in real life – minding your own business!

7 signs you are confident

8. You have well-formed opinions

This doesn’t mean you are an armchair activist or that you love to debate. It only means that you are clear in your head on certain things and that’s an awesome quality to have.

8 signs you are confident

9. You don’t need ‘saving’!

You’re no damsel in distress; so even when it has felt like your world is crumbling around you, you’ve pulled yourself together and powered through! You didn’t expect an outsider to intervene and make things right for you. That’s confidence – silent yet powerful.

9 signs you are confident

10. You treat yourself and others with respect

While you won’t disrespect others, you also won’t stand for being disrespected! If that doesn’t sum up being a super confident woman, we really don’t know what will! Now go get ‘em, tigress.

10 - signs you are confident

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