10 Signs You’ll Always Be A Total Daddy’s Girl!

10 Signs You’ll Always Be A Total Daddy’s Girl!
No matter how old you get, there are some things that never change. Like the way you share things with your dad and the way he pampers and loves you. Here are a few things you will totally get if you are daddy’s girl!

1. He is the first person you rush to for any kind of advice…

Doesn’t matter if it's about your job or your boyfriend!

daddys girl 1

2. You have plenty of inside jokes that no one else even has a chance of understanding...

Though your mom often tries!

3. You know you only need to ask if you want something and your mom isn’t agreeing!

The first hint of sadness, and your dad will give you whatever you want!

daddys girl 3

4. Even after PTA meetings at school, if your report wasn’t great…

You knew he would be your knight in shining armour and save you from your mom's scolding!

5. You love going for meals, movies, games with just your dad…

Because you have so much to talk about, love food in equal measure and have a great time together!!

daddys girl 7

6. He is your favourite person to go on road trips with!

Because who else would love stopping at random places along the way and exploring with you?!

7. When you needed to learn how to drive and everyone else was too scared to sit with a learner…

You knew your dad would not only sit with you, but also be the one who would want to teach you!

daddys girl 9

8. You obviously and very openly want the guy you’re going to end up with to be loved by your dad.

Because you know your dad has the best choice!

9. You also want him be a bit like your dad in many ways…

But you’re okay with having to compromise a little, because you know no one else could ever be exactly like your dad!

daddys girl

10. No matter how old you get...

You know your dad will still pamper you just the same way!

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