Should You Have Sex With Him? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself!

Should You Have Sex With Him? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself!
Whether you actually have someone in mind for your bedroom adventures, or you’re just curious, this is something you’ve probably wondered about. Having sex with someone, in a relationship or even out of it, is a fairly big deal for most of us and there are occasions when we get super confused whether it's the right decision or not. So here are a few things that'll help you make up your mind - or at the very least ease that tension in your head!

1. The Comfort Level

If you don't feel comfortable when you're with him - even for just certain parts of your interaction - don't do it! If you're having sex with someone, you need to know for sure that they'll understand your needs, and if they don't, you should feel comfortable enough to tell them about it.

2. The Same Page

Miscommunication can be a terrible thing, so if you both aren't on the same page about what you guys are looking for, then that's just going to suck. Have that conversation, be frank! Knowing exactly what he's looking for can make all the difference in making this decision.

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3. The Expectation Of It

Just because you've been dating him for a very long time or even if you're married, never have sex with him if you feel it's a compulsion. Just because he's expecting it is not a good enough reason to be doing it - you need to be wanting it too.

4. The “Regret” Factor

If you feel like this is a decision you might end up regretting the next morning? Probably not the best idea to have sex with him. It might provide some instant gratification, but in the long run, you'll always wish you hadn't gone down that road.

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5. Someone Else?

If you actually want to be having sex with someone else but don't think you can, so you're settling for the guy with whom it's actually possible? You know you're being unfair - even if he's completely okay with the situation. So don't do it - you know your future self will tell you the same thing!

6. Weird Stuff

Everyone has their own quirks and kinks, but if he's someone who likes to force his ideas on you, you need to draw a line there. You need to discuss what all you're comfortable with trying and what's the point where he needs to just stop. If he keeps pushing this point, though, you know you shouldn't be doing it with him.

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7. Being Safe

If you're unaware of his sexual history and he's not open about it when you ask him? Get out of there. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry, and this isn't something you should have to compromise on.

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