14 Most Common Questions About Sex

14 Most Common Questions About Sex
There are always some questions about sex that we don't feel like asking anyone – not even our best friends! And while now we might have Google, we did grow up with tons of such questions about sex! Here are some of those - finally answered!

Sex Questions Q1: Does it hurt the first time?

This is one of the most common questions about sex. This one might be obvious to some of you, and not so much to others, but every girl has wondered about this at some point or the other. And the thing is, you could be one of the really lucky ones who don't feel any pain during their first time, but keep in mind that you might not be. The amount of pain varies from person to person, so don't feel awkward about taking a break.

Sex Questions Q2: Does it hurt every time?

One of the slightly less obvious questions about sex but a very important one! If you've had sex a few times and you are still feeling pain like you're having sex for the first time - it's time to stop (not forever, don't worry!) and just assess the situation. Seeing a gynae is always super helpful in a situation like this rather than suffering in silence.

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Sex Questions Q3: Does size really matter?

One of the most vague but important questions about sex! There have been many debates on the topic and, sorry, there really isn't a yes or no answer to it. The nerves that sense pleasure are concentrated in the first few centimeters of the vagina, so THAT is more of factor than his size!

Sex Questions Q4: What if it's too big?

This is one of the most crucial questions about sex! Yes, it's totally possible for it to be too big. And the key is not to run away screaming but express your concern while making sure that he understands that you're not just giving him a compliment. Work up to having sex, take your time. More lubrication and greater arousal can help you through this! You can even use a lubricant to make things easier.

Sex Questions Q5: What if it's too small?

There are tons of positions out there for you to try, which will invariably give you more pleasure by helping you feel it more if he's on the smaller side. This is one of the questions about sex that most girls have! Don't be scared to experiment with him and be very vocal about the things he does in bed that bring you pleasure.

Sex Questions Q6: What does the guy feel about my taste/ smell down there?

He probably hasn't even noticed it, what with everything else on his mind when he's actually going down on you. It's your body and you should be comfortable with every aspect of it. If you still feel super conscious about it though, you can always try these tips!

Sex Questions Q7: Is it weird if you don't want to have sex?

Nothing is weird about not wanting to have sex. This is one of the questions about sex that you should think about! It's completely normal and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Being clear about it and expressing this is very important because you shouldn't have to force yourself to have sex just to please your partner.

Sex Questions Q8: How much sex is too much? Am I having sex too often?

Every individual's needs and body is different so there is no specific answer to this. A good time to be worried would be when your daily schedule starts getting disturbed by it. And even then, it's mostly about the excitement and chemistry you share with the person, and not a symptom of you turning into a nymphomaniac, so chill.

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Sex Questions Q9: Can you get pregnant if he pulls out?

Weird yet one of the most common questions about sex! Withdrawal while widely used is NOT the best way to avoid pregnancy. While there are studies that claim that there is no sperm in precum, they aren't very reliable ones and it's always best to use another contraceptive if you don't want to get pregnant.

Sex Questions Q10. How can I have sex without a condom?

Birth control pills, IUDs, vaginal rings! There are various other measures of birth control that are just as easily available as condoms. Experiment with them to find the one that you're most comfortable with. But make sure your partner (and you) get tested for STDs before you stop using condoms.

Sex Questions Q11: Do you always bleed during your first time?

No, not everyone bleeds when they have sex for the first time. Many times the hymen can break during sports and even vigorous walking. And sometimes when it breaks, the bleeding is barely noticeable. So if you don't bleed during sex, it's nothing abnormal or out of the ordinary.

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Sex Questions Q12: Is it weird to get randomly turned on even if I don’t have a boyfriend?

Getting turned on has nothing to do with your relationship status at all! Seriously, some women can get turned on just by looking at their favourite actor on screen! So no, it isn't weird to be turned on if you don't have a boyfriend, it just means you have a sex drive and a healthy one if it happens often!

Sex Questions Q13: Is it normal to not get wet even if I’m turned on?

Not getting wet can be due to many things including strong feelings like grief and stress. Easiest way to avoid this discomfort is to relax your mind, try increasing the foreplay and keep tons of lube (water-based ones, of course) handy! (Psst, some studies suggest that consumption of alcohol before sex can lead to situations like this because your body is relatively dehydrated, so you might want to stay off booze right before.)

Sex Questions Q14: Is it okay if I want to try out “backdoor” stuff?

Your body, your rules! You don't want to try anal sex? That's completely okay. You do want to try it? That's fine too. But you have to keep in mind that your partner may not be as open about it as you and it's always best to discuss something like this. You can always play the “what's your wildest fantasy?” card and then in turn tell him about yours. And if he's willing to give it a shot, you might want to try turning his fantasy into a reality too!

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