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Relationship “Rules” We All Break When We Find The ONE!

Relationship “Rules” We All Break When We Find The ONE!
Falling in love does change our outlook on many things. We begin to bend our own rules just a little bit! You act on your instinct and everything else is just a blur. Here are a few “rules” we all break when we actually fall in love!

1. Waiting for the guy to do all the “chasing” and make all the moves

Because when you actually fall in love with someone, you don’t care about who does what. Whether you call him first and make a plan or he does. You just want to be with this person and that's all that matters!

when you fall in love

2. Waiting a while to text him back after receiving his text…

Because you’re so overjoyed and elated to receive their text that you just cannot wait. And you don’t feel the need to either. You just don’t feel the need to have some sort of power struggle.

3. Not getting physical in any way before a certain number of dates

Because really who can control the urge to kiss someone they’re in love with?! It just happens naturally and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!

when you fall in love

4. Keeping certain things about yourself to yourself

Because you don’t mind letting them know everything there is to know about you. In fact, you can’t wait to tell them everything about your life they have missed out on so far!

5. Making sure that certain topics are kept off the charts for discussion

Like marriage, baby's, your plans for life ahead and so on! There are certain things one feels they wouldn't like to talk about before a certain stage in a relationship. But when you’re in love, you just can’t help about thinking and talking about the important stuff with the person.

when you fall in love

6. Including the person you’re in love with in all your plans!

Even your night out with your girls! Because you want to spend as much time as you possibly can with them!

7. Not saying “I love you” too soon or before them

Because blurting out an “I love you” to someone you’re actually in love with just happens. It isn’t planned and you probably can’t even help it. Never mind if they haven’t even said it yet!

when you fall in love

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