9 Reasons Delhi Girls Have The MOST Swag!!

9 Reasons Delhi Girls Have The MOST Swag!!
It’s funny how Delhi girls have come to be typecast as “loud”, “obnoxious” and “uptight”. Not true. While some of us do fit into your Bollywood stereotypes (jootis and junk jewellery-laden loudmouths), most of us are...well...simply the coolest people on this planet. Here are 9 reasons we’re PROUD to be Delhi girls… #SWAG

1. We are quite jugaadu

Right from procuring alcohol on dry days to getting into the best clubs in town, we know how to get stuff done. And quick. It’s called jugaad. Want answers? We got them!

proud delhi girl 1

2. We bargain like our life depends on it!

When we know something is overpriced, we bargain. And we always, ALWAYS, get our way! Sarojini Nagar has taught us well.

3. We invented the term “car-o-bar”!

So you think drinking in your car (or on it!!) is a new thing, huh? You’re so NOT Delhi, dude! We always have a bottle and glasses handy. And we’re always armed with exhaustive knowledge about how to do a car-o-bar the right way! (And without putting our own and other people’s safety at risk!!)

proud delhi girl 3

4.  We might dress up like Aisha sometimes, but we’re quite practical!

So, Sonam Kapoor made the country think we only shop at Emporio, wear the most expensive brands and strut around in 6-inch heels. Yes, we do that sometimes. But we’re smart enough to always carry flats in our handbags :P (Remember, Aisha and Rani were BOTH from Delhi!)

5. We have REAL parks

We just had to come to this point. As compared to the other metropolitan cities in the country, Delhi boasts of a lush green cover. That means, we actually go for walks in “actual” parks. No, not those little gardens you call a park. Aww, there there!

proud delhi girl 5

6. We can be in 3 states in 3 hours...

Yes, really! And we NEVER make a fuss about having to travel to another state every day to study or work - it’s all in a day’s work for us, literally speaking! And with UP and Haryana bordering Delhi and with Rajasthan not far away, we can actually be in three to four states in a matter of hours. Can any other city in the county boast of such a privilege? We don’t think so!!

7. We can get Delhi autowallah’s to travel by meter

How do you tell a Delhi girl apart? We can get Dilli’s autowallahs to travel by meter. Fair and square! Might seem like a Herculean task, but we’re so conditioned to getting our way, the auto drivers don’t stand a chance!

proud delhi girl 7

8. We use bhaiyya a lot...but WITHOUT the accent people think we have!

No, we don’t say bhaiyya with a fake accent. And if you think we use the term a lot, think again. Bhaiyyas get all our work done. But only if you ask with a smile! :-)

9. We know how to deal with stuff

You know that song “Dilliwaali girlfriend”? You should be HAPPY to have one. ‘Coz we give as well as we get - living in the country’s capital and dealing with it every single day - has taught us that. From sarkari babus to out-of-towners who come to Delhi and fall in love with our beautiful city, from politicians to soul-seeking foreigners - we live with them, and we know how to work with them, and we do it all with laughter! Our hearts are as big as our hometown, after all!

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