Dear Girls, It’s Time To Stand Out (Just Like You Were Born To!)

Dear Girls, It’s Time To Stand Out (Just Like You Were Born To!)
American writer and illustrator, Theodor Seuss Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss, once asked a question that has become the bane of human existence ever since - “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”. The question that naturally comes next is - “Why do I stand out?”. And this is because standing out has, unfortunately, come to be equated with sore thumbs! Not in this day and age...and definitely not with the kind of passion and energy that the current generation possesses. Here’s 5 reasons why standing out is SO much better than just being run-of-the-mill boring!

1. People Sit Up And Take Notice Of You

When you let go of all inhibitions and apprehensions, people notice you. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous. That’s the whole point of standing out - you make heads turn without the fear of being laughed at! Once you let go of that fear, you are truly free! You can make a statement with your choice of outfit or even a funky bag. Just be yourself!

1. Take Notice

2. You Pursue Opportunities That Are Perfect For You!  

The fear of standing out keeps a lot of people from pursuing opportunities that are perfect for them. For example, they would like to be more gutsy with their job search, but they hold back due to the fear of looking foolish or aggressive. They might also be holding back due to the fear of rejection.  

3. You Leave A Lasting Impression

People who stand out make a lasting impression. You might remember the naughtiest kid at school because he/she was always up to doing things differently. But do you remember the kid who buried his head in his books and scored well? We don’t either ;) Need a little boost to woo your crush? Stand out in a funky ensemble from Chumbak!

3. Lasting Impression (1)

4. You Beat Competition Hands Down!

When you’re the centre of attention, people will hardly focus on anyone else. Don’t shy away from the limelight, instead grab it when you have the opportunity and shine! You’re sure to eliminate any kind of competition this way.

5. You’re The Boss!

When you’re a person who is confident enough to stand out, you learn how to take control of situations and make them work the way you want them to. Understanding that things can go your way if you will them to is the basic principle here. Just stand up and take command of situations.  

5. Like A Boss
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