10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Big Chill!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Big Chill!
Piri Piri, Angry Chicken, Chocolate Decadence, Banoffee Pie, Oreo shake, yummmmm. We can just never get enough of Big Chill and their never ending menu! Here are a few reasons we absolutely love Big Chill!

1. Because no matter what kind of food you like…

There will always be something on the Big Chill menu that you will LOVE!

big chill cafe 1

2. You can never ever get bored of their food!

I mean look at the size of that menu. So much to try! How could you ever be bored?

3. No matter which fancy Italian restaurant you may have eaten at…

Nothing and we mean nothing, can ever come close to their Piri Piri pasta!

big chill cafe 3

4. Even though we’re a bit sad that the Baby Cake is no longer on the menu…

We still LOVE them for having- Chocolate Decadence, Banoffee Pie, Mud Pie *OMG just died and went to heaven*

5. And the milkshakes?!

Ain’t no milkshakes as thick as Big Chill milkshakes! Oreo milkshake anyone?

big chill cafe 5

6. When you and your friends can’t decide where to go to eat…

The answer is always Big Chill! Because let’s face it, that's the only place you all always mutually agree on.

7. Because you get to be as loud as you want with your friends…

And no one will come and tell you to “please lower your volume”!

big chill cafe 7

8. Because that is the only place you go to eat a whole meal on a Sunday in your pyjamas!

Because you know no one is going to judge you. Duh.

9. Because all that greasy delicious food...

Is exactly what saves you when you’re hungover.

big chill cafe 9

10. Because no matter who you need to take out - your 5 year old cousin or your 80 year old granddad…

You know Big Chill is your answer. No way they’re not going to love the food there!

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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