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Dear Boyfriend, This Is Why I Love Fighting With You!

Dear Boyfriend, This Is Why I Love Fighting With You!

Dear Boyfriend, I know you hate it when we fight and always ask me to stop! But today I want to give you a few good reasons for loving all those arguments we have! Love, Me

1. Because I care too much about you…

And would rather argue than walk away. fighting with your boyfriend 1

2. Because believe it or not…

It helps us understand each other better. Our fears, insecurities, doubts and dreams!

3. Because letting out some steam every once in awhile for things that have upset us and expressing ourselves…

Is better than holding on to our anger and being passive aggressive with one another! fighting with your boyfriend

4. Because on some days, I just want all your attention…

Yes, a little bit more than what you already give me!

5. Because I value your opinion and want to know how you truly feel about something…

And there is no better time to get your opinion than when we are arguing! :P fighting with your boyfriend

6. Because…

Make-up sex!

7. Because it creates an opportunity to make amends!

If you and I never know what upsets the other, how will we ever resolve anything?! fighting with your boyfriend

8. Because it shows me the things you are passionate about...

And makes me love you a little more.

9. Because I know no matter how much we argue…

We will always be there for each other! fighting with your boyfriend GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, 15 Reasons I Said YES When You Proposed! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, Here Are 9 Fights You Just AIN’T Gonna Win!!
Published on Oct 5, 2015
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