First Year Of College: Here’s How To Make It Totally Rock!

First Year Of College: Here’s How To Make It Totally Rock!

So you've done enough to get into college, huh? You've even survived the first two months on campus. But are you still feeling a bit lost and worried? Don’t! You’ll live, and grow to love college too! And here are a few things to keep in mind to help you get there...

1. Accept that it is NOTHING like KJo’s movies

Nope. There are no shirtless boys on campus. Also, you are unlikely to fall in love on day 1 (with aforementioned imaginary shirtless boy). So quit trying so hard. Keep your head down and head to class.

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2. There actually is no pressure to get to know everyone right away

Okay, so you’re on campus and you know nobody. That’s alright. You do not, we repeat, DO NOT have to go around introducing yourself to absolutely everyone. Strike up two or three conversations and have fun, other people will find you. And you definitely do not need to know the entire syllabus in the very first week. Relax, take things casually.

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3. You won't keep getting lost forever!

Half of your time just goes around looking for classroom 45b, 7, A4, hall… But as long you get there before the roll call, who’s complaining, right? Spend time figuring out the places you will be spending time at more often.

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4. There is no need to spend all your pocket money at the "popular" hangouts

This is only for the first few months. Popular hangouts are not really popular (the cafeteria, K-Nags, etc., if you're at DU, for instance). They’re just joints where MOST people like to hang out. The cooler kids hangout at places you’ll only find when you go to 2nd year. Realization will strike late, so we’re saving you the trouble here! college freshers

5. Don’t try too hard to please your seniors

We all know that some of us try a little too hard to be liked and become a favourite among the seniors. A little too much flattery becomes buttering...and you’ll be on slippery ground! No one likes that. Stop. Right. Now.

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6. It is OKAY to skip a few parties!

Most 18-year-old’s seem to believe they can get drunk...legally. Not true! And that is the hard truth you’ll have to get used to. Nevertheless, there will be a number of party invites. And while it is a great way to socialise, it is not necessary to attend EVERY party. You do not want to be the drunk who shouldn’t be invited! college freshers

7. Your high school popularity level? Not relevant in college!

So you were the gem of your school - the school caption, sports captain...and that privilege has gone to your head? Hate to burst your bubble but you might wanna leave that behind in school and come back to normalcy. Nobody cares about your achievements in school so don’t go about flaunting it. It’s what you do in college that will always matter. Which means you also have free rein to completely redefine yourself and become who you want to be. Exciting, right?

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8. It’s just college. Why are you dressed like that?

College becomes part of your everyday life. So much so that people sometimes turn up in their pajamas as well. While underdressing is completely up to you, it is overdressing that is the problem. Overdoing on makeup and/ or flashy clothes will make you the centre of attention, but not in a good way. Dress smart and casual and, most importantly, dress to fit in and to not look like a Christmas tree!

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9. Get out of your comfort zone

Your university is swamped with societies and awesome groups you can join. Don’t be scared to push yourself out of your safe zone and try new things (it also helps with your popularity too). You might just discover the inner photographer in you or an actor... and who knows you might just land a gig in a movie! Life of Pi, anyone?? college freshers GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr  MUST READ: #NewGirl: 20 Things That Happen in the First Week of College MUST READ: 13 Things To Carry In Your College Bag