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So Different Yet SO Cute Together! Why These Two Make Us Go Aww

So Different Yet SO Cute Together! Why These Two Make Us Go Aww
His crazy energy and her cutesy charm make them a couple like none before! They’re making videos, spending time with each other’s families and just giving us major relationship goals. Even though Deepika and Ranveer are still not really openly talking about their ‘relationship’, the signs are all there for us to see!  Here are 7 times Bollywood’s new favourite couple made us fall in love with them...

1. Doublin’ Up On Videos

If there’s anything better than Ranveer’s crazy solo dubsmash videos, it’s these super adorable ones he’s making with Deepika. They sure look like they’re having too much fun making them, and so are we just looking at them behave like a crazy in love couple!
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2. Being A Sport On AIB Knockout

It takes quite some courage to get “roasted’ in front of so many people, and not take offense at sly jokes being made about your past and present relationship choices. Deepika sitting in and supporting Ranveer wasn’t the best part about the AIB Roast - it was the fact that she laughed through it all that said tons about how secure these two are together!

3. Some Airport Romance!

Back in July, Ranveer was spotted waiting on the airport with a bunch of flowers to welcome Deepika from a holiday abroad, and now we saw Deepika coming along to drop ranveer off the airport, and kiss him before letting him go. Making every goodbye and hello special? Aww!

4. Who’s Cooler Of The Two?

Recently this “it” couple graced a magazine’s cover and not just gave them some steamy shots, but also answered a bunch of fun questions about each other. Through the session, we caught Deepika blushing, while the usually high on energy Ranveer had trouble answering - and those smiles just said it all!


5. Oh The Chemistry!

Just who could have possibly missed their sizzling chemistry on-screen in Ram Leela (it secretly made us wonder just how awesome it must be in real life!) and now, we can’t wait to watch them romance again in the soon to be released Bajirao Mastani!

6. Planning To Get Married Next Year?

Rumours abound that these two have gotten a heads-up from their respective families, and may get married next year! We don’t have concrete facts - but Ranveer going on a shopping trip with Deepika’s family and flying down from Malaysia only to celebrate her father’s birthday are signs hard to miss!. We sure do hope they’re true!

7. Here’s What He has To Say About Her...

First, at IIFA awards this year, Ranveer and Deepika coordinated the colour of their outfits (too much of a coincidence, really!) and then he actually got down on his knees for her on stage! And now recently, at the song launch of Bajirao Mastani we heard Ranveer say, “Deepika is so beautiful that I will wait all my life for her” - need we say more?! <3

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Source: Ranveer Singh On Instagram

Featured Image: Viral Bhayani

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