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How To Get Perfect Mascara (WITHOUT The Clumps!)

How To Get Perfect Mascara (WITHOUT The Clumps!)

Girls, we all know the power of long, dramatic lashes to instantly sex up any look. But in our bid to amp up our eyes, we can get a bit overzealous with the mascara wand and end up with clumpy, spidery lashes instead. That is SO not a good look. We tell you some pro mascara hacks for flirty lashes always. Clumps and lumps no more!

1. Don’t Get Excess Product On The Brush

How NOT To Get Clumpy Lashes An overloaded mascara brush will most definitely lead to those dreaded clumps. Mascara should be applied in thin coats, so if you get excess product on the wand, wipe it off on a tissue to avoid clumping. This happens commonly when your mascara is brand new, so be careful.

2. For Extra Thick Lashes

Coat your lashes from both sides for a super thickening effect. Hello sexy eyes!

3. Wiggle Wiggle!

How NOT To Get Clumpy Lashes One secret to clump-free application is to apply your mascara in a zig-zag motion as you move the wand from the base of your lashes to the tips. Wiggle the brush the next time you apply your mascara.

4. De-Clump Your Lashes

If you can spot unsightly clumps try this quick fix – take a clean mascara wand or even a clean toothbrush and comb it through your lashes. This will help wipe off excess mascara and separate those clumps.

5. Don’t Get Too Attached To Your Mascara Tube

How NOT To Get Clumpy Lashes How old is your mascara? Mascara that is a few months old is more prone to clumping, dryness and thickness. Also, mascaras are big carriers of infections since the wand can transfer bacteria from your eyes to the tube and back to your eyes. So don’t feel guilty about throwing it out. Treat yourself to a new mascara every few months.

6. The Plumping Effect

For extra plump lashes, apply a bit of baby powder on your lashes before brushing on a second coat of mascara. Try it for a super thickening effect.

7. Quit Pumping

How NOT To Get Clumpy Lashes We all have this habit of pumping the wand in and out of the bottle. This causes air to enter the tube, which will dry out your mascara faster and cause clumps.

8. Soak Your Mascara

If you want to make your mascara more liquidy, soak the tube in a glass of hot water for a few minutes. This will make the formula thinner, which will be less prone to clumps and easier to apply.

9. How Do You Hold The Brush?

How NOT To Get Clumpy Lashes The way you hold the brush effects how your lashes look. Hold the brush horizontally if you want thicker lashes. For a more natural-look, hold the brush vertically while applying your mascara. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: The BEST Eyeliner Styles For Your Eye Shape! MUST-READ: 6 AMAZING Beauty Tricks For Girls Who Wear Glasses!
Published on Oct 26, 2015
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